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    Julie is Changing the Way We Think About the Morning-After Pill

    the unwash • innovation

    The future of access to contraceptives, including condoms, both hormonal and non-hormonal birth control, and IUDs in the United States has a weight of uncertainty. With the overturn of Roe v. Wade and more states making it clear that contraceptives are on the chopping block leaves those that do not want or are not ready to have a child in a difficult position. Currently, no legislation actively blocks the sale of contraceptives, but that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy journey to access. Julie is a new healthcare brand from the same founder of Plus Personal Care, Julie Schott. Julie, an emergency contraceptive, is working to make the morning-after pill accessible for all without stigma. 

    Julie can be purchased in all 50 U.S. states across 4,500 Walmart locations. No prescription for this over-the-counter medication is needed, and it retails at $43. Regarding formulation, the brand is no different from Plan B One-Step and other generic brands, containing 1.5 mg of Levonorgestrel – a progestin-only emergency contraceptive. There is no age restriction for this product; it can be purchased without an ID. The pill should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to lower your chances of pregnancy by 89%. The earlier it is taken, the better the effectiveness. The OTC medication delays or stops ovulation to avoid fertilization and is not an abortion medication. Julie does not negatively impact one’s chances of getting pregnant in the future and is only used to temporarily stop ovulation from decreasing the chances of pregnancy when taken.

    “The opportunity to reset the narrative around this product is tremendous.” – Julie Schott, Julie Founder

    The brand is hoping to ensure equal access to contraception regardless of what state you reside in. Julie Schott has discussed how many of her business ventures are inspired by her wanting to create a better coming-of-age story for young people, and this contraceptive is no different. Needing to take a morning-after pill is nothing to be ashamed of, and Julie is hoping to lower the stressors that come after unprotected sex. The brand also aims to educate people by creating a medical board to help get reliable and credible information to the public. The brand has also established a 1:1 program; for every purchase, one will be donated to communities in need on a quarterly basis. 

    Julie gave the morning after-pill a Gen-Z-approved rebrand, helping make the medication stigma and anxiety free. The colorful box creates an approachable element to the product. Investor in Julie Comedian Esther Povitsky said, “I could visualize myself laughing with my friends like, ‘Oh, I had sex with a loser. I’m gonna grab Julie on the way home.'” Julie is meant to give emergency contraceptives a new reputation. It’s a product you can keep on hand in case of an emergency and feel no shame when purchasing it. Julie is helping people of all ages, but especially young people take control of their reproductive health with their messages of empowerment and mission of accessibility. 


    Cabinet Health

    Cabinet Health is working to rid our medicine cabinets of single-use plastics with refillable medicine containers. This startup eliminates the need for plastic medicine bottles with their over-the-counter medication options in a sleek refillable glass and shatterproof container. Refills come in a compostable pouch, helping consumers ditch plastic waste for good. The brand has an array of OTC medication options, including allergy relief, cold and flu, digestive health, and pain relievers. Plastic-free options for medicine are close to none, and Cabinet wanted to change.



    Get ready for the sustainable swap you didn’t see coming…in more ways than one. Ohhcean is the latest sex toy line by Sinful, made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. Sinful is the largest intimate product company in Scandinavia and is now the first in the world to launch a product line created from upcycled ocean plastic. Ohhcean is giving new life to an industry that you don’t typically think about regarding plastic waste.



    Steph Hon founded the brand with a mission of helping people purchase items more thoughtfully and have their products last longer. Cadence advocates for using less and being mindful of the number of products purchased. The travel capsules are meant to aid in the longevity of products with their water-tight and leak-proof design. The capsule system is buildable; you can start with one container or even six, then add more to your collection if needed, giving an aesthetically pleasing honeycomb look.