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    Rif Care, Sourcing Upcycled Hemp Fiber for Premium Period Products





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    the unwash review

    Written by Contributing Editor Liz Grogan

    New naturally-sourced and sustainable period care options continue to fill our Instagram pages and shopping carts, pushing traditionally wasteful products to the back of shelves. What sets Rif care apart from other alternatives is their use of upcycled hemp fiber, a carbon sequestering super plant with naturally antibacterial and buttery soft properties. 

    Co-founders Val Emanuel and Rebecca Caputo launched the first-ever hemp-fiber pads in 2022, promising their customers natural ingredients, responsibly made products, and regenerative agricultural practices. Their 100% plant-based and biodegradable menstrual pads are carbon neutral by design. The brand uses leftover fibers from hemp oil production to create its premium product line. Regenerative hemp farming uses less water than cotton, grows without pesticides, and reverses the effects of climate change by capturing, securing, and storing CO2 in the ground to improve air and soil quality.

    “We make personal care products that are better for our bodies and the planet. Everything we do is shaped by this commitment. Rif is focused on holistic full-cycle care.” – Rebecca Caputo, Rif Care Co-Founder

    The hemp fibers used in their period care products are naturally antimicrobial and have anti-fungal properties that prevent infections better than other fibers, such as cotton. Rif care also avoids petrol-based ingredients such as polyester and super-absorbent polymers (SAP), otherwise known as hormone disrupters. As a rule of thumb, co-founder Rebecca suggests looking up unfamiliar ingredients and ensuring products are plant-derived if they go in or on your body. It’s an easy way to transition your menstrual cycle routine to include natural products and to slowly rid your bathroom of products that use chemically derived ingredients.

    When creating the Rif care brand, Val and Rebecca were inspired by their Venice beach roots, love for vintage, and Southern California style. You can shop for their pads, period panties, and play oils. The ultra-soft and durable pads come in regular, super, overnight, and maternity absorbency levels. Their popular first-ever hemp-fiber period panties, made from a hemp and Tencel blend with a recycled polyester absorbent core, are sold out, but you can join the waitlist online. They also offer play oil-based lubricant that uses only natural food-grade ingredients to enhance arousal and pleasure. Rif Care donates 2% of sales to women through programs supporting and uplifting victims of family violence and sexual assault. With all these great options, why not buy period care products that disrupt climate change and not your hormones?



    Ries is a line of TSA-size approved refillable containers retailing at $18. The bottles are crafted from post-consumer recycled plastic and created with the purpose of consistent reuse. Graham saw the plastic problem in the beauty industry and wanted to innovate how we reuse plastics. Being a new brand, this is just the beginning for Ries. The brand continues to test different materials for use to be as conscious of its sustainability as possible.



    Cove is an entirely compostable water bottle made from bio-based plastics that can be broken down over time. This is the first water bottle in the world that is made of biodegradable materials, marking an important milestone in innovation around eliminating plastic use. Change for single-use plastic water bottles has to start somewhere, and Cove is committed to being part of the solution, which we hope picks up traction with consumers. 


    Henry Rose

    Henry Rose has three main mission pillars: ingredients, environmental, and social responsibility. The brand’s fragrances are nearly 99% biodegradable, and all the bottles are made from 90% recycled glass. The fragrance line was founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, and committed to environmental responsibility and creating a quality, long-lasting product.