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    Unwash Superstars

    Common Heir is Cultivating Change Through Plastic-Free Skincare





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Traditional makeup serums are typically packaged using pumps or droppers, different ideations such as capsules aren’t a new concept but typically aren’t honed in on as being a sustainable product. Common Heir created a system of biodegradable plastic-free serum pods for retinol, vitamin C, and ceramide serum. The brand is innovating the way we think about sustainability in the beauty industry and beyond. Their products are meant to spark joy and make people feel good about themselves and their self-care routine. Common Heir’s mission empowers the consumer to make positive changes and push the sustainability conversation forward.

    Common Heir saw an opportunity to create a gateway into using more sustainable products, without only catering to an audience that solely sought after zero-waste products. The company shows that there’s more to a sustainable lifestyle than just the term ‘zero-waste’. Their product line is both vegan and cruelty-free. Their current product line can build the perfect, streamlined skincare routine to tackle all your skincare needs including brightness, resurfacing, and hydration. Their high-quality formulations take into account both sensitive and melanated skin to help deliver results across the board for everyone regardless of skin type.

    “We wanted to make sustainability sexy. That’s the only way I think you’re going to change hearts and minds to make the kind of impact that we want to make.” – Cary Lin, Common Heir Co-Founder

    The brand was founded in 2019 by two women, Cary Lin and Angela Ubias that were seeking sustainable products with a luxury experience. Inspired by a common feeling by many founders in the sustainability space, Cary Lin was overwhelmed by the amount of plastic waste on our beaches and wanted to work towards a solution. The vitamin C, retinol and ceramide formulas are highly concentrated, single doses that are packaged in plastic-free, biodegradable capsules. For outer packaging recyclable paper packaging is lightweight, therefore, reducing carbon emissions.

    Common Heir is signaling a sustainable future by highlighting that products that don’t create waste are just not effective if not more than their traditional counterparts, and that there still can be a luxury experience that the brand embodies. The founder’s goal was to change the expectations of what a sustainable brand looks like which they achieved with their award-winning packaging and standout product formulations. The brand is creating an inclusive skincare brand that doesn’t compromise quality while also doing good for the planet.


    Rif Care

    New naturally-sourced and sustainable period care options continue to fill our Instagram pages and shopping carts, pushing traditionally wasteful products to the back of shelves. What sets Rif care apart from other alternatives is their use of upcycled hemp fiber, a carbon sequestering super plant with naturally antibacterial and buttery soft properties.


    NOTO Botanicals

    Noto Botanics is an inclusive skincare and beauty brand that is focused on making an impact, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community. The brand is multi-use for an array of skincare needs with its minimalist, streamlined product line. Noto Botanics is just as much about its products as they are about its mission. The brand’s DNA is rooted in inclusivity, community, and giving back.



    Melyon is a Swedish skincare brand based out of Stockholm that is focused on inclusivity, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. The brand’s products transcend any ideas about beauty standards and rather embody an aura of accessibility and inclusivity around beauty. Melyon wanted to create products that not only were going to deliver results and have high-quality vegan formulations but were also made with environmental conservation in mind.