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    The Beauty Industry Comes Together with the Every Body Campaign

    the unwash • social impact

    In the wake of a ‘post-Roe’ America, the beauty industry has united to defend reproductive justice. Over 35 brands have pledged their support to ensure equal access to reproductive care with the Every Body Campaign, giving 100% of proceeds from limited edition items to SisterSong, a women of color reproductive justice collective. The Every Body Campaign is the largest beauty industry-back initiative and highlights a moment where brands of all sizes are coming together to use their platform for change. This initiative creates clear messaging on where these brands stand regarding the right to choose, which provides clarity for consumers to support brands that hold the same values. The Every Body Campaign is powered by Saie Beauty. It comes right before the November 8th midterm elections, reminding people to use their purchasing power for good but also head to the polls.

    “The response has been incredible, we’ve raised over $100,000 in just four days from these limited edition and our communities have been so positive and thankful.” – Laney Crowell, Saie Founder

    Saie Beauty hosted an array of conversations on their Instagram Live to discuss reproductive health education and what a post-Roe v. Wade America looks like. These conversations were held with SisterSong, CEO of Megababe – Kate Sturino, CEO of Maude – Eva Goicochea, and Saie Founder Laney Crowell. Laney Crowell was featured on CNN and discussed how the brand’s part of this collaboration raised over $100,000 in only four days. The Every Body Campaign is centering marginalized communities to ensure access to reproductive care that is often overlooked in the fight for justice. 

    Fan favorite brands include by/rosie jane, Fable & Mane, Freck Beauty, Kate McLeod, Kinfeld, Kopari, maude, Megababe, Mented Cosmetics, Nécessaire, Nette, The Outset, PHLUR, Topicals, and Youth to the People are all part of this campaign. They have launched limited edition items to support SisterSong. Some of our top picks include the maude Sex Ed for Every Body baseball cap, Nécessaire’s limited edition body lotion, Freck Beauty Rich Bitch moisturizer, and the Kinfeld Cloud Cover sunscreen. You can shop the entire collection on everybodycampaign.com. This is an excellent opportunity to shop some of your favorite products and discover new brands proudly taking action to ensure equal access to reproductive healthcare.


    Saie Beauty

    Saie is transparent about its ingredients, production process, and the most effective ways to dispose of its products. When shopping online at the retail giant Sephora, you might notice that all Saie products feature imaging on how to recycle their products correctly. This information is a simple way for the brand to educate its consumers on a sometimes confusing topic. It makes Saie stand out in the crowd with its commitment to education and transparency.


    OUI the People

    Founder Karen Young was on a mission to change how razors are marketed towards women specifically and the disparity in quality between men’s and women’s shaving products. Not only is a stainless steel razor better for the environment, but it is also better for the skin as it leads to less irritation and hyperpigmentation. It’s no wonder their razor has won a slew of awards and is in high demand. The brand offers a range of products and their beloved razor suited for everyone and every need, including their hydrating body gloss and cream body polish. 


    Eauso Vert

    Eauso Vert is making waves with its sustainable and genderless fragrance line. Sourced with sustainable materials and committed to ingredient transparency, Eauso Vert is hoping to create a new standard in the luxury fragrance industry. Launched with six scents that range from fresh to woody and warm, there is a scent perfect for anyone. The founders reminisce on their memories with fragrance, whether childhood stories or travel, and wanted to create a fragrance line that helps the consumer tell a story.