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  • our mission

    We Believe in a World
    of Conscious Consumerism

    The Unwash is an online publication dedicated to highlighting mission-driven brands, giving honest product reviews, providing insightful information on sustainability and innovation, announcing new product launches, and amplifying the voices of individuals making an impact.

    To us, sustainability, innovation, and social impact are intertwined. We’re on a mission to make the world better and believe even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. We explore these topics that can be difficult to wrap your head around through a lens free of judgment and full of curiosity, excitement, and openness.

    Our Commitment to Trust

    Affiliate Disclosure

    The Unwash utilizes various affiliate marketing programs. This may result in paid commissions on products purchased through links provided on our site. Every product The Unwash features has undergone a rigorous research regime and meets our high standards for brand approval. All brands and products featured must meet our base-level qualifications including, minimal plastic use, ethical product sourcing, and positive social impact. We are committed to creating trust between brands and consumers, not through affiliate or brand relationships.