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    Great Wrap, the New Paradigm in Cling Wrap and Packaging





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    the unwash review

    Written by Contributing Editor Liz Grogan

    Australian husband and wife duo Jordy and Julia Kay left their former industries to create Great Wrap, a 100% compostable and marine biodegradable stretch wrap that breaks down naturally via composting in under 180 days. Great Wrap performs to the same standard as conventional plastic wraps, but is made using the abundant potato waste that comes from foods like french fries and potato chips. 

    Swapping a petroleum-based plastic wrap with Great Wrap is a small yet effective way to positively impact the planet and reduce waste. The used stretch wrap is given a second life through composting, securing carbon in the soil, and improving air quality. The starter kit includes the Great Mate dispenser made from 33 recycled PET bottles and 2 Nudie rolls, the compostable cling wrap designed to refill the dispenser. The reusable dispenser comes in 4 colors – lila, pea, sandy, and pebble, to match and elevate any kitchen striving for zero waste.

    As an architect, Julia saw massive waste in the construction industry. In the U.S. alone, 145 million tons of construction waste go to landfills yearly. Her husband, Jordy, was making natural wine when he also became frustrated with the amount of plastic required to package and transport goods. They saw a manufacturing shift in energy, transport, and agriculture, but plastic remained the same. Since launching in 2023, they’ve become a Certified B Corp and expanded their product line to include compostable pallet wrap, pallet caps, and catering wrap for businesses.

    “We invented the products we knew the world was missing so we could dump plastic once and for all. At Great Wrap, we are driven by impact, fueled by demand and have a 10-year vision for a world where plastic doesn’t exist.” – Julia Kay, Great Wrap Co-CEO & Co-Founder

    Great Wrap makes it easy for consumers and businesses to adopt materials that aren’t destined for landfills. Their team of bio-designers, engineers, and scientists refuse to support half-truths or greenwashing. They understand solving the plastic problem requires fully rethinking and redesigning future materials through regeneration, and they’ve already gained support from businesses and government officials in Australia. In the U.S., larger cities have also embraced circularity as a solution. New York City recently passed legislation requiring citizens to separate food waste and compostable materials for mandatory composting by 2024.

    Composting is a simple and enjoyable way to minimize your environmental footprint. If you’re curious about exploring the best composting solution for your lifestyle and living space, Great Wrap’s website is a great place to start. The rapidly changing world of packaging may be intimidating, but Great Wrap makes it easy to end your reliance on traditional plastics by promoting circularity in your kitchen.


    The Dirt Company

    The Dirt Company is on a mission to clean up the planet while cleaning your clothes. This small Australian team began working in 2013 to create a zero-waste laundry system using recycled and refillable products. With their Refill, Return System, customers replace bulky plastic jugs with sleek, durable glass dispenser bottles. The bottles come pre-filled with their top-rated, highly concentrated, plant-based laundry detergent.



    Biom offers 100% plant-based, biodegradable wipes with refillable packaging that provide functionality and smart design all in one. It doesn’t hurt that they’ll look great sitting on your counter. The all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing wipes were created with the planet and consumer in mind. The brand focuses on more streamlined, gentle ingredients that are safe on skin for their hand-sanitizing wipes. 


    Guests on Earth

    Guests on Earth is a planet-minded home cleaning company helping reduce plastic waste traditionally used with cleaning products. Providing transparency from where ingredients are sourced to where your product is being packaged, this brand is working to help consumers be more aware of the lifecycle of their purchases. Seeing a gap in the industry and lack of innovation, Guests on Earth wanted to create a product that is something consumers can genuinely feel good about.