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    Cabinet Health is Bringing Sustainability to Your Medicine Cabinet





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Cabinet Health is working to rid our medicine cabinets of single-use plastics with refillable medicine containers. This startup eliminates the need for plastic medicine bottles with their over-the-counter medication options in a sleek refillable glass and shatterproof container. Refills come in a compostable pouch, helping consumers ditch plastic waste for good. The brand has an array of OTC medication options, including allergy relief, cold and flu, digestive health, and pain relievers. Plastic-free options for medicine are close to none, and Cabinet wanted to change.

    “Our vision is to eliminate single-use plastic from the medicine industry entirely — one medicine cabinet at a time. People shouldn’t ever choose between the health of their family, and the health of the environment.” – Russell Gong, Cabinet Health Co-Founder

    The refillable bottles and medication refills stay in an affordable price range helping medication be accessible and allowing for a greater reach of plastic-free products, which usually come with a high markup. Recycling plastic bottles has proven inconsistent and has significant variances based on location. Plastic recycling is unreliable, which makes the need for glass, aluminum, or refillable containers a needed sustainable option. The refillable medication pouches are FDA-approved and made from wood pulp in partnership with Pela Earth. Cabinet’s refill pouches are both spill and leak-proof and made to withstand the elements. These can be thrown into a personal composter or composted with your city if it is offered where you live. All refillable containers, including medication, are under $15, made of glass, have a childproof cap, and are stackable and shatterproof. Refills are $12 or under and come in 30-day quantities.

    Cabinet can reduce plastic waste while keeping your OTC medication items clearly labeled and organized with the help of the brand’s refillable containers. The brand hopes to expand into partnerships with pharmacies to provide different packaging options, including prescription medications. The B-Corp-certified brand is increasing consumers’ choices when it comes to choosing sustainable and refillable products. This is a tremendous innovation for the healthcare industry and is a step towards keeping plastic bottles out of landfills, oceans, and our community’s waterways. Cabinet Health is working towards keeping you and the Earth healthy.


    Krave Beauty

    Founded by Liah Yoo, this adored skincare brand offers a handful of products designed to target various skincare needs. Focusing on providing fewer products that will work for more people allows the brand to cut down on waste and decrease confusion for consumers when choosing items. Their products make creating a skincare routine simple with needing no more than six products and even have your body care needs covered, hence their mission of ‘slowing down skincare.’ 



    Uni is a design-driven refillable system for body wash, haircare, hand wash, and body serum. Focused on providing a sleek and elevated product, Uni makes choosing more sustainable options a streamlined process. Uni values transparency and quality by providing an EWG rating for their ingredients that are all reef safe. These products make choosing more sustainable swaps a simple choice that will feel like a luxury and is a brand focused on long-haul sustainability.



    Hoping to aid people in ditching plastic travel bottles and plastic bags to keep things organized, Cadence offers magnetic refillable capsules. Whether used to keep your cabinets tidy or for travel, these capsules can store all your essentials in a carry-on-friendly size. The magnetic design ensures none of your products will go missing. Designed with longevity in mind to completely replace any single-use plastic used for storage or travel purposes, Cadence is meant to last for the long haul.