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    Redefining Reusable In Your Beauty Routine

    the unwash • guide

    Snapping a selfie in your designer hydrating eye masks is great until you throw them away just a few minutes later. Single-use products are rampant in the beauty industry, and let’s be honest; they’re almost entirely unnecessary. Makeup wipes, sheet masks, and eye masks are easy and convenient but lack practicality for everyday use. Dieux and Experiment are leading the way in creating reusable face products that significantly reduce the creation of excess waste, redefining how we think about reusable. 

    You’ve probably seen these neon green sheet masks all over Tik-Tok and Instagram, serving up your daily dose of alien chic. Founders Lisa Guerrera and Emmy Ketcham found a void in the beauty industry that needed to be filled. The ‘Avant Guard’ sheet masks come in two different sizes and help you lock in moisture, leaving your skin refreshed. Producing less than 93% of carbon emissions of a single-use facemask, Experiment is focused on a sustainable and science-driven beauty world.

    “Experiment marries the idea of true sustainable thinking, elegant formulation, and fun aesthetics to create a brand that looks towards the future beauty consumer.” – Lisa Guerrero CEO of Experiment

    Dieux has taken social media by storm as well by creating a reusable eye mask that may as well be a fashion statement. These eye masks put their single-use counterparts to shame. These come in a reusable aluminum storage case and are made from non-porous silicone with the intent of pairing with the eye products you already have for maximum absorption. With the mission of helping you “dieux-less,” Dieux has all your skincare needs covered. 

    Simple product swaps like these can make a big impact, and it doesn’t hurt that you’ll look great while doing it. When brands redefine the norm, it opens up opportunities for greater change and blazes a path for other companies to follow suit. 



    Plus eliminates the use of unnecessary plastic with their dissolvable packet-based body wash. Once you’re in the shower, rip open the packet, and it can all go safely down the drain. Everything, including the box the wash comes in, is entirely compostable. We love this product because whether you’re looking for something for everyday use, travel, or throwing in your gym bag, the brand innovates a product that we maybe didn’t realize needed a change. For daily use, you can purchase the refillable dispenser, and for on-the-go, the travel packs are perfect.



    Ries is a line of TSA-size approved refillable containers retailing at $18. The bottles are crafted from post-consumer recycled plastic and created with the purpose of consistent reuse. Graham saw the plastic problem in the beauty industry and wanted to innovate how we reuse plastics. Being a new brand, this is just the beginning for Ries. The brand continues to test different materials for use to be as conscious of its sustainability as possible. Ries puts value on the circularity of their product and hopes choices like using up-cycled materials will become more of a norm in the beauty industry.



    Uni makes purchasing refillable body care products as simple and streamlined as possible. This new brand focuses on having a closed-loop system and keeping its products as circular as possible. Uni is a design-driven refillable system for body wash, haircare, hand wash, and body serum. Focused on providing a sleek and elevated product, Uni makes choosing more sustainable options a streamlined process. Uni values transparency and quality by providing an EWG rating for their ingredients that are all reef safe.