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    OUI The People, The Body Care Brand for All





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Here on The Unwash, we’ve talked a lot about how much we love the OUI the People Skin Safe Razor, a safety razor that people are rightfully obsessed with. Founder Karen Young was on a mission to change how razors are marketed towards women specifically and the disparity in quality between men’s and women’s shaving products. Not only is a stainless steel razor better for the environment, but it is also better for the skin as it leads to less irritation and hyperpigmentation. It’s no wonder their razor has won a slew of awards and is in high demand. The brand offers a range of products and their beloved razor suited for everyone and every need, including their hydrating body gloss and cream body polish.

    “But if they make one or two small sustainable choices, that’s really magnificent. For example, if you chose a safety razor as opposed to a disposable plastic one, you’re doing quite a bit.” – Karen Young, Founder of OUI the People

    Typical plastic razors have a short shelf life and ultimately end up in landfills. These products are not conducive to the excessive plastic waste already created by the beauty industry but do not give the user a quality shaving experience. Investing in a safety razor is one of the simplest swaps you can make to make your personal care routine a little more sustainable. Karen Young wanted to create a product that would change the conversation around shaving products and delivers a better result than plastic alternatives.

    Other OUI the People products come in glass containers, and items that need a plastic pump can be reused. Their line is about achieving your smoothest and softest skin, yet your skin will be left feeling better from their resurfacing body serum and hydrating body products. The brand is determined only when plastic is necessary and committed to creating change in how the beauty industry faces its plastic problem. OUI the People also offers a great community impact program where purchasers can choose to donate 1% of their purchase to a non-profit organization of their choice. The brand is talking the talk and walking the walk by making an impact on both global and local levels.



    You might be familiar with this brand because of its biodegradable glitter collection, but there is so much more that TooD has to offer. The landscape of the makeup industry is constantly changing, but TooD is working on standing the test of time by encouraging its consumers to join them on the path of ‘radical self-acceptance.’ The brand embraces a fun and funky aesthetic that lets your true self shine both on the inside and outside. TooD is a go-to for amping up your makeup routine with its glitter eyeshadows, colorful mascara, and even nail polish in an assortment of colors. 


    Conserving Beauty

    Makeup wipes are quickly becoming a relic of the past. Cleansing balms and oils have become the ultimate way to remove makeup and residue from the day, but Australian-based brand Conserving Beauty has found a solution for anyone that just can’t seem to get off the makeup wipe train. Conserving Beauty has created the first ever dissolvable makeup wipe – InstaMelt. There are times when cleansing balms and oils aren’t as functional as we’d like them to be, such as when traveling or going to the gym. Wipes are convenient and easy to pack away, except that wipes are typically made of 90% plastic and end up in a landfill. The founder of Conserving Beauty, Natassia Nicolao, is changing this for good.



    Ded Cool is a brand focused on genderless scents and vegan ingredients and is committed to sustainability. Utilizing biodegradable materials to ensure this product will not create microplastics in water systems, you can use this for hand washing or in the machine. The detergent comes in an aluminum canister allowing for easy recyclability. To add another reason we love this – you can match your detergent to your favorite perfume.