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    Why DedCool is a Gen-Z Fragrance Favorite





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    A favorite fragrance brand among Gen-Z continues to make waves across various product categories. The brand is known for its fun, playful, and experimentative fragrance line and has recently pushed the boundaries by diving into laundry care, room fragrance, and even…bathroom drops, to name a few. DedCool has been a top pick for The Unwash, featured in our ‘Unwash Starter Pack’ article, but it was time we joined the choir in the much-deserved hype. DedCool is part of a new wave of brands, particularly at the helm of young female founders, who hold themselves to high sustainability standards but don’t need to categorize themselves solely as a sustainable brand. Instead, setting a precedent that all companies should take extra measures to create products with greater circularity in mind.

    DedCool places a lot of its focus when creating new products on usability in the day-to-day. Instead of solely purchasing a perfume that you spray on yourself, your clothes, or around your apartment, their product range allows the consumer to have versatility with their signature scent through their detergent, home fragrance, and car fragrance products. The brand’s fragrances are genderless and come in various scent families.

    “We encourage everyone to explore their inner “conscious consumer” and would never shame people for doing their absolute best.” – Charina Chaz, DedCool Founder

    The brand’s popularity has caught the eye of larger retailers such as Sephora, which is starting to lean into brands that appeal to a younger demographic. The brand’s unisex offerings create a welcoming environment in an industry such as fragrance that can be overwhelming and historically linear regarding marketing towards different genders. Founder Charina Chaz wanted to substantially change the fragrance industry, from formulation to packaging to marketing. Carina viewed fragrance as a lifestyle product and wanted to innovate how it’s used across multiple mediums, contributing to the brand’s success. 

    All of DedCool’s products are formulated without the use of water and use only organic extracts. Along with being cruelty-free and vegan, the brand’s fragrances are also 100% biodegradable. All perfumes come in recyclable glass bottles, and the laundry detergent comes in recyclable aluminum packaging that can be refilled. The brand has a less is more approach and hopes that its products and packaging choices result in less excess waste. DedCool proves that small actions can make a big difference when creating a product line that puts sustainability in its core values. DedCool is creating fragrances to be worn by everyone, allowing their consumers to express their creative freedom.



    The brand’s product range focuses on nourishing and strengthening hair with people- and planet-friendly ingredients. The Aceite de Moska Scalp Oil and Guava Leave-In Conditioner are consumer favorites that leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, and restored. Ceremonia is helping its customers reclaim their beauty, embrace their hair type, and feel confident in their own skin.



    Dieux’s core product line contains four products designed to deliver results. The Forever Eye Masks, Deliverance; a soothing serum, Instant Angel; your new go-to moisturizer and Auracle, a reviving eye gel – the latest addition to the brand’s roster. The company is transparent across all channels on its sustainability journey and hopes to stop the spread of disinformation about sustainability, especially in the beauty industry.


    Fluff Casual Cosmetics

    The brand wants Gen-Z to feel empowered in their own skin and feel just as fulfilled without makeup as they do with it. Fluff has slowly incorporated new products into its range but is committed to slow growth to make more meaningful change. Fluff’s bronzer powder has been a social media fan favorite, and the brand has experienced a high rate of consumers returning to purchase refills for the compact.