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    Press Reset with Krave Beauty





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Rewind to a couple of years ago, the skincare lovers of TikTok were singing praises for Krave Beauty’s Beet the Sun sunscreen and their beloved Great Barrier Relief serum. In April of 2021, Beet the Sun was discontinued due to inaccuracies when testing the amount of SPF offered in the product. Shortly after, the brand decided to do a company-wide reset to realign itself with its mission – particularly sustainability and social advocacy. Krave Beauty wanted to offer their customers solutions rather than skincare trends. The reset allowed the brand to slow down and hone in on a ‘less is more’ approach regarding its products and their sustainability impact. The fan-favorite brand is now back in action and has been offering realistic solutions to combat the lack of sustainable options in the industry. 

    Recently Krave Beauty launched a program to sell their products with imperfections, whether defunct packaging or misfired formulations, at a discounted price. Choosing to sell these products rather than throwing thousands of units of product away is a small way the brand is committing to its sustainability goals that many larger brands don’t do. Titled the ‘Waste Me Not Campaign,’ Krave Beauty is transparent about waste reduction while incentivizing sustainable practices with price-reduced products. With the brand’s new initiatives in place post their rest, consumers can feel even more empowered and confident in their purchases.

    “We wanted to peel back the curtain of the industry to customers and say, packaging is definitely a wasteful thing, but there’s so much more to the conversation.” – Liah Yoo, Krave Beauty Founder

    Founded by Liah Yoo, this adored skincare brand offers a handful of products designed to target various skincare needs. Focusing on providing fewer products that will work for more people allows the brand to cut down on waste and decrease confusion for consumers when choosing items. Their products make creating a skincare routine simple with needing no more than six products and even have your body care needs covered, hence their mission of ‘slowing down skincare.’ 

    Krave Beauty proved that it’s okay to put your brand on pause to ensure you’re providing the best experience possible for people and the planet. The brand’s return was highly anticipated and worth the reset. Krave Beauty is committed to the long-term investment in making its brand as friendly towards the Earth as possible, all while cultivating an uplifting community of inclusivity. The brand commits 50% of its partnerships to creators of color, those in the LGBTQ+ community, and those disabled to reflect their consumer base in their campaigns. Krave Beauty’s vision for the skincare industry is reflected inside and out – they are a brand that practices what they preach and are working towards an industry that is sustainable and inclusive for all.



    adence advocates for using less and being mindful of the number of products purchased. The travel capsules are meant to aid in the longevity of products with their water-tight and leak-proof design. Say goodbye to losing all of your products or forgetting something at home thanks to the hexagon magnetic system to keep your items in one place. The capsule system is buildable; you can start with one container or even six, then add more to your collection if needed, giving an aesthetically pleasing honeycomb look. 


    TooD Beauty

    TooD Beauty is about inclusivity, embracing yourself, and diversity – a mission we can get behind. You might be familiar with this brand because of its biodegradable glitter collection, but there is so much more that TooD has to offer. The landscape of the makeup industry is constantly changing, but TooD is working on standing the test of time by encouraging its consumers to join them on the path of ‘radical self-acceptance.’ The brand embraces a fun and funky aesthetic that lets your true self shine both on the inside and outside.



    Ded Cool is a brand focused on genderless scents and vegan ingredients and is committed to sustainability. Utilizing biodegradable materials to ensure this product will not create microplastics in water systems, you can use this for hand washing or in the machine. The detergent comes in an aluminum canister allowing for easy recyclability. To add another reason we love this – you can match your detergent to your favorite perfume.