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    Nature Inspired Skincare Line, The Wilds





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Designed to simplify your skincare routine with quality products that deliver results, Canadian skincare brand, The Wilds embodies a less is more approach. The Wilds is a genderless skincare line that takes inspiration from nature and is suitable for various skin types. The skincare industry is loaded with many products trying to sell unattainable goals. Our skin is part of who we are as humans, and The Wilds wants their products to accentuate who you are and make you feel like your best self, not sell products to fit a specific standard of beauty. 

    Founded by first-generation Canadian Ro Brahmand, The Wilds was a labor of love inspired by the journey of self-acceptance and self-care. Much of the meaning behind The Wilds comes from Ro’s experience growing up with immigrant parents and feeling uncomfortable in her skin in a country where most people don’t look like her.

    “My relationship with the outdoors was so intimate and profound that from a very young age, I felt an intense responsibility to make sure the physical world around me was looked after.” – Ro Brahmand, The Wilds Founder

    The brand was founded on being approachable and embracing simplicity, hoping to reach a broad yet inclusive audience. Skincare products are only part of the equation to assessing one’s skin care needs, and The Wilds offers a holistic approach to embracing lifestyle changes that will benefit from the usage of their products.

    The brand is committed to only using planet-friendly materials, from the ingredients in its products to the packaging used for distribution. Most of the brand’s packaging is housed in entirely recyclable glass bottles, and the brand will use only recyclable packaging by 2025. The Wilds is part of 1% for the Planet and is pushing against the norm of using greenwashing marketing practices that have become a staple in the beauty industry. Their site features different routines and product bundles available for purchase depending on your skin needs or the option to buy products individually. The Wilds is an up-and-coming brand that values having ethical business practices to deliver quality products while keeping environmental conservation in mind. 



    Corpus appeals to consumers looking for high-quality, naturally formulated products while being climate conscious through responsible packaging and ethical manufacturing practices. Corpus launched with their fan-favorite deodorant stick and has now expanded into deodorant spray, body wash, and candles. The product line stands out from the crowd with its signature light green hue and sleek design. The aesthetically pleasing design will transport your bathroom or vanity to the likeness of a luxury boutique hotel.



    Their concise yet impactful product line focuses on protecting the skin barrier and locking moisture in. The brand’s founders aimed to create products that truly do what they claim because they’re putting science at the forefront. Dieux is helping consumers buy less because their products are ‘dieux-ing’ more.



    The brand is known for its fun, playful, and experimentative fragrance line and has recently pushed the boundaries by diving into laundry care, room fragrance, and even…bathroom drops, to name a few. All of DedCool’s products are formulated without the use of water and use only organic extracts. Along with being cruelty-free and vegan, the brand’s fragrances are also 100% biodegradable.