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    Henry Rose is Bringing Transparency to the Fragrance Industry





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Celebrity brands often feel like a coin toss. These brands either use their agency and platform to create booming innovation or, on the other side of the spectrum, lack authenticity and purpose. When a celebrity begins a brand that fills a true industry gap, it often sparks our curiosity. Henry Rose has been around since 2019 but only recently became our fragrance staple. The fragrance line was founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, and committed to environmental responsibility and creating a quality, long-lasting product. Fragrance has been a hotly debated topic as of late due to concerns over the lack of ingredient disclosure, but Henry Rose is aiming to set the record straight and be a trustworthy brand for consumers with their loyalty to transparency. The brand doesn’t directly associate with being a ‘clean’ or ‘natural’ brand, as there is no true definition of what that means across the beauty industry. Rather, it is paving its own path with ingredient transparency and EWG and C2C certifications. 

    In 2019 the brand launched with five fragrances and has more than doubled its range, adding home fragrance and body care to its offerings. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) requires a brand to have full ingredient disclosure of their products, utilization of low-hazard ingredients, and complete avoidance of ingredients on the EWG’s ‘Unacceptable List’ and FDA-approved manufacturing guidelines.

    “It’s not that all fragrance is bad or dangerous, it’s that we simply don’t know what’s in fragrances because companies aren’t required to disclose the ingredients.” – Michelle Pfeiffer, Henry Rose Founder

    The brand’s C2C certification comes from a third-party testing company, Cradle to Cradle, which tests for various factors such as climate protection, social fairness, and product circularity. The brand has found success within the limitations of what can and cannot be used in its products and refuses to compromise on quality. Their scents are unexpected, unique and will get you stopped in a crowd. Our current rotation includes Torn; for the vanilla lover; Dark as Night, the perfect unisex date night scent and Flora Carnivora, a fresh yet sultry floral. 

    Henry Rose has three main mission pillars: ingredients, environmental, and social responsibility. The brand’s fragrances are nearly 99% biodegradable, and all the bottles are made from 90% recycled glass. The caps are derived from compostable soy, and all of the outer packaging is recyclable. The brand gives a percentage of all proceeds towards breast cancer research, specifically towards the impact of harmful ingredients in personal care products with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. Henry Rose is committed to taking the extra steps necessary to ensure their products are as safe as possible with reduced environmental impact compared to traditional fragrance houses. The creation of the brand has been a labor of love for Michelle Pfeiffer, who wanted to ensure the products she was using were safe around her children, and she’s been upfront about the learning curve that comes with creating a brand that has high standards. Henry Rose is dedicated to creating safe products for everyone, even those with sensitive skin and allergies, all while working on playing their part in conserving the planet. 


    Suss Knits

    The brand uses hand-looming techniques to ensure a waste-free production process meaning that yarn is not cut or sewn. With a focus on sustainable sourcing, the brand also uses recycled yarn from cotton factory waste and plastic bottles. The brand’s knitwear technicians have been part of the journey for over 20 years, being part of Suss Cousin’s original store on Beverly Boulevard – making this a full-fledged family affair.


    Fluff Casual Cosmetics

    This Australian-based brand is dedicated to making the beauty industry feel more empowering, especially for young people. The brand was founded on the principle that you shouldn’t feel less than when you aren’t wearing makeup. Makeup can be a great form of art and self-expression, but Fluff wanted to create a line that can be used for when you want a product that gives a natural finish to embrace your everyday beauty.



    The brand’s product range focuses on nourishing and strengthening hair with people- and planet-friendly ingredients. The Aceite de Moska Scalp Oil and Guava Leave-In Conditioner are consumer favorites that leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, and restored. Ceremonia is helping its customers reclaim their beauty, embrace their hair type, and feel confident in their own skin.