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    Meet the Haircare Brand Leaning Into Its Latinx Roots





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Baba Rivera’s hair care line, Ceremonia, embraces her Latinx roots and creates spaces for the Latinx community within an industry that often lacks mainstream minority representation. Just as we take avid care of our skin, Baba believes we need to give our hair the same TLC to enhance one’s natural beauty – not change it. Ceremonia is a brand inspired by the traditions of Baba’s childhood and the larger Latinx community focusing on hair. Her father being a hairdresser in Chile, had a large inspiration for the brand’s foundation. The brand’s product range focuses on nourishing and strengthening hair with people- and planet-friendly ingredients. The Aceite de Moska Scalp Oil and Guava Leave-In Conditioner are consumer favorites that leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, and restored. Ceremonia is helping its customers reclaim their beauty, embrace their hair type, and feel confident in their own skin.

    “Even with this, most modern brands continue to cater to a predominantly white consumer. The time is certainly now, and I felt a strong sense of responsibility with my background to lead that change.” – Baba Rivera, Ceremonia Founder

    Baba hopes that the creation of Ceremonia will be a point of inspiration for other Latinx founders to bring their products to the market. The brand is already paving the way by being Sephora’s second Latina-owned hair care line. This will hopefully inspire opportunities for the beauty giant to collaborate with other Latinx and minority-owned businesses to further diversify their roster of brand offerings. Over the past few years, there have been significant strides in inclusivity in the beauty industry, but the Latinx community is often overlooked and underrepresented. Brands like Ceremonia are improving this and creating a space where everyone can feel seen. Most ingredients the brand uses are sourced from Latin-American countries and stay true to rituals Baba experienced growing up. 

    Ceremonia’s products are cruelty-free and vegan, certified through Leaping Bunny, and formulated without silicones and sulfates. The brand uses post-consumer recycled materials for its packaging and is working towards reaching larger goals with the circularity of its packaging. Ceremonia uses PET #1, which is the most widely accepted plastic to be recycled. Consumers should still educate themselves on ensuring these bottles will be recycled in their local municipalities or find recycling alternatives such as TerraCycle or Ridwell. However, the brand is still taking steps to ensure they create as little waste as possible and extend the life cycle of their products. Ceremonia is transparent about its packaging, ingredients, and formulation processes, offering feedback sessions and forums with its community. Ceremonia is bringing more than just quality products to the table but is invoking community and creating change in the industry.


    OUI the People

    Founder Karen Young was on a mission to change how razors are marketed towards women specifically and the disparity in quality between men’s and women’s shaving products. The brand offers a range of products and their beloved razor suited for everyone and every need, including their hydrating body gloss and cream body polish. OUI the People also offers a great community impact program where purchasers can choose to donate 1% of their purchase to a non-profit organization of their choice.



    DedCool places a lot of its focus when creating new products on usability in the day-to-day. Instead of solely purchasing a perfume that you spray on yourself, your clothes, or around your apartment, their product range allows the consumer to have versatility with their signature scent through their detergent, home fragrance, and car fragrance products. The brand’s fragrances are genderless and come in various scent families.


    Eauso Vert

    Sourced with sustainable materials and committed to ingredient transparency, Eauso Vert is hoping to create a new standard in the luxury fragrance industry. Launched with six scents that range from fresh to woody and warm, there is a scent perfect for anyone. The founders reminisce on their memories with fragrance, whether childhood stories or travel, and wanted to create a fragrance line that helps the consumer tell a story.