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    The Beauty Brand That’s Eliminating Industry Fluff





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    There is a makeup and skincare brand that’s eliminating all the industry fluff. Established by Erika Geraerts, Fluff Cosmetics considers itself a casual makeup brand that embraces not trying to be pretty for anyone. This Australian-based brand is dedicated to making the beauty industry feel more empowering, especially for young people. The brand was founded on the principle that you shouldn’t feel less than when you aren’t wearing makeup. Fluff is about using products that make you feel beautiful whether or not you wear them. Makeup can be a great form of art and self-expression, but Fluff wanted to create a line that can be used for when you want a product that gives a natural finish to embrace your everyday beauty. The brand’s refillable packaging has been all over TikTok and gives new meaning to what we typically think of when it comes to refillable packaging. Fluff has been around for a while, but because of social media has garnered a lot of attention from international consumers with hopes they’ll branch into other countries.

    “I would prefer to have a customer for longer amounts of time refilling the same products than be constantly chasing new customers”. – Fluff Casual Cosmetics Founder, Erika Geraerts

    Erika Geraerts founded Fluff with hopes of reaching an audience in their early teen years to help change the tides around the messaging of the cosmetics industry. The brand wants Gen-Z to feel empowered in their own skin and feel just as fulfilled without makeup as they do with it. Fluff has slowly incorporated new products into its range but is committed to slow growth to make more meaningful change. Fluff’s bronzer powder has been a social media fan favorite, and the brand has experienced a high rate of consumers returning to purchase refills for the compact. Paired with their cruelty-free Kabuki brush, it’s the perfect Instagramable moment. Recently they’ve added lip oils, face oils, a face mask, and cleanser to their line.

    Fluff is a fast-growing company that is taking a less-is-more approach in all ways. The brand uses refillable and glass packaging for all of its products. Instead of launching dozens of products, Erika Geraerts wants the brand to be focused on slow, concise growth, not only to be a more sustainable beauty brand but to stay true to the brand’s core values. Their products are formulated without palm oil, talc, and parabens, and they do not test their products on animals. Fluff works with Better Packaging to create packaging using solar power and natural limestone waste cutoffs. Founder Erika Geraerts believes that the makeup industry is all fluff and created her brand to cut through the noise and create meaningful messaging around beauty. The brand’s products simplify your daily routine while enhancing your natural features.



    Dieux’s core product line contains four products designed to deliver results. The Forever Eye Masks, Deliverance; a soothing serum, Instant Angel; your new go-to moisturizer and Auracle, a reviving eye gel – the latest addition to the brand’s roster. Dieux uses its platform to educate its consumers on sustainability, how to get the most out of its products, and in-depth analysis of the ingredients used in its products.


    Eauso Vert

    Sourced with sustainable materials and committed to ingredient transparency, Eauso Vert is hoping to create a new standard in the luxury fragrance industry. Launched with six scents that range from fresh to woody and warm, there is a scent perfect for anyone. The founders reminisce on their memories with fragrance, whether childhood stories or travel, and wanted to create a fragrance line that helps the consumer tell a story. 



    All of DedCool’s products are formulated without the use of water and use only organic extracts. Along with being cruelty-free and vegan, the brand’s fragrances are also 100% biodegradable. All perfumes come in recyclable glass bottles, and the laundry detergent comes in recyclable aluminum packaging that can be refilled. The brand has a less is more approach and hopes that its products and packaging choices result in less excess waste.