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    Is Beauty Brand SOSHE Leading the Refill Revolution?





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    SOSHE, the refillable makeup brand that earned its claim to fame with its revolutionary refillable mascara puts sustainability at the helm of its business values. Out of the over 100 billion units of cosmetics packaging that is produced annually very little of it can be properly recycled and therefore ends up in landfills. SOSHE wanted to hone in on the future of refillable cosmetics – one product at a time, especially the ones that are more difficult to recycle. Currently, the brand sells refillable mascara and lipstick, which come in a variety of shades. SOSHE envisions a more innovative future for the cosmetics industry and is one the forefront of this much-needed change. 

    The founder of SOSHE, Sahar Rohani realized how many of her makeup products were not recyclable and ultimately going to end up in the trash which sparked the initial idea for a refillable cosmetic company that utilizes more sustainable packaging. Launching with only one product – their GLAM mascara, the brand was able to capitalize on a relatively untapped market and put a large focus on product circularity. During the conception of the brand, Sahar wanted to focus on products that have the least likelihood of recyclability. SOSHE’s watertight and magnetic refill system makes discarding mascara wands and lipstick refills a breeze and ensures the safekeeping of your products.

    “With all the options out there, we wanted to make sure no consumer had to compromise. Our goal is to show that clean and sustainable are sexy. ” – Sahar Rohani, SOSHE Founder

    The brand is certified plastic-negative and partners with the recycling program – Pact to properly clean out and recycle beauty products. SOSHE also offers optional subscription programs to ensure buyers aren’t using products past their expiration date – a common issue with mascara and lipstick. Sustainability is at the core of the brand but Sahar also wanted to explore using more naturally derived ingredients without compromising quality – noting that consumers are becoming more interested in what is both inside and outside their products. SOSHE is leaping bunny certified and also partners with Wands for Wildlife to repurpose mascara wands for wildlife care.

    Brands such as SOSHE are pushing the beauty industry into the future by creating better options for sustainable packaging and educating consumers on the lifecycle of their products. Sahar sees this as just the beginning of innovation in the beauty industry and is happy to see other brands, new and old, offer a larger array of more sustainable products. Refillable products can often be a smokescreen to make a company appear that it’s doing more for environmental wellness than it truly is but SOSHE is showing us that when done correctly, refills are a step in the right direction. 


    Henry Rose

    The fragrance line was founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, and committed to environmental responsibility and creating a quality, long-lasting product. The brand launched with five fragrances and has more than doubled its range, adding home fragrance and body care to its offeringsThe brand’s C2C certification comes from a third-party testing company, Cradle to Cradle, which tests for various factors such as climate protection, social fairness, and product circularity.



    Baba Rivera’s hair care line, Ceremonia, embraces her Latinx roots and creates spaces for the Latinx community within an industry that often lacks mainstream minority representation. The brand is transparent about its packaging, ingredients, and formulation processes, offering feedback sessions and forums with its community. Ceremonia is bringing more than just quality products to the table but is invoking community and creating change in the industry. 



    A favorite fragrance brand among Gen-Z continues to make waves across various product categories. The brand is known for its fun, playful, and experimentative fragrance line and has recently pushed the boundaries by diving into laundry care, room fragrance, and even…bathroom drops, to name a few.