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    Say Goodbye to Single Use Makeup Wipes for Good





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    the unwash review

    Makeup wipes are quickly becoming a relic of the past. Cleansing balms and oils have become the ultimate way to remove makeup and residue from the day, but Australian-based brand Conserving Beauty has found a solution for anyone that just can’t seem to get off the makeup wipe train.

    Conserving Beauty has created the first ever dissolvable makeup wipe – InstaMelt. There are times when cleansing balms and oils aren’t as functional as we’d like them to be, such as when traveling or going to the gym. Wipes are convenient and easy to pack away, except that wipes are typically made of 90% plastic and end up in a landfill. The founder of Conserving Beauty, Natassia Nicolao, is changing this for good.

    “I think this current and next generation of consumers genuinely do care about the planet. They want to purchase and work with brands that are values driven.” – Natassia Nicalao, CEO of Conserving Beauty.

    These wipes come in individual recyclable packaging and are dissolvable in water after use. These wipes create 92% less waste than a traditional makeup remover wipe and are a start for revolutionizing the beauty space.

    Conserving Beauty InstaMelt wipes proves that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or convenience when purchasing products that do good. 



    Uni makes purchasing refillable body care products as simple and streamlined as possible. This new brand is focusing on having a closed-loop system and keeping their product as circular as possible.



    August offers a wide range of menstrual products all made from organic cotton and focused on functionality with designs that are far more comfortable for the user. Periods are a much larger issue to tackle than just reconceptualizing a product – August is committed to helping those with periods feel more confident, comfortable and educated in their experience. 


    Saie Beauty

    The climate neutral brand, Saie Beauty has taken the industry by storm with nearly all of their products going viral. Saie is making beauty products that are good for you but also the environment which their C.L.E.A.N. (conscious, luxurious, earth-minded, award, winning, new) mission conveys.