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    Five Ways to Unwash

    the unwash • guide

    The core values behind The Unwash are believing in a world of conscious consumerism and utilizing our purchasing power for positive change. The Unwash is all about giving a $$$$ and supporting brands that do the same. We look at the big picture and are helping you to do the same. Here are Our Top 5 Picks on How to Unwash.

    Shop Like You Give a $$$$

    Now, this means a lot of things. The three big pillars are choosing brands that care about the consumer, employees, and the planet. Say no to companies with unethical labor practices that aren’t accessible for everyone or lack transparency. We choose brands that are for everyone. We want clothing lines that have sizing for everyone, makeup with a shade for every skin tone, and brands that use marketing with people from all walks of life. When we choose to support brands that align with our values, we have the power to shake up the market to reflect what consumers really want.

    Get Involved

    Find ways to get involved with other people or groups committed to progress. Maybe that’s participating in online seminars, mobilizing voters in your community, volunteering, or joining a local advocacy group. Finding new opportunities to be engaged in making change is not only a great way to take your commitment further but is a chance to make friends, network, and find community.

    Change it Up 

    Choose different lifestyle choices, make a simple product swap and unwash your feed. Switch up the things you do in your daily life – bring a reusable straw for when you pick up your daily coffee, give a zero-waste product a try, or carpool with a friend; think of the small changes you can make that will make you and the planet feel good. Follow new people on social media that will shake up your feed and give you new information to interact with. Be open to learning new things and trying out different routines; there is no one size fits all change so see what works best for you.

    Make it Meaningful

    Work to make your everyday actions meaningful. Make meaningful connections with people by going out of your way to help others, valuing generosity, and practicing what you preach. Be true to yourself and your values by allowing your values to drive you and your decisions. Focusing on what you are passionate about and bringing you joy helps you stay authentic to who you are and create deeper connections in your daily activities. Finding the meaning and beauty in even the smallest things can open us to a world of opportunity.

    Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is 

    If we’re going to talk the talk, we have to walk the walk. Making changes isn’t always easy; we know that what works for you may not work for everyone. We’re all about navigating ways to live our lives more mindful and meaningfully, making change one step at a time.


    Dip Haircare

    Get ready for a new staple in your bathroom. This zero-waste hair care brand has created bars suited for every hair type and need. Dip is on a mission to convert big brand hair care lovers to a more sustainable option that doesn’t skimp on quality.  Dip has a range of 35 color-safe shampoo and conditioner bars in a wide range of scents and travel tins. Whatever your hair care needs are, Dip has you covered. 



    Dieux has taken social media by storm as well by creating a reusable eye mask that may as well be a fashion statement. These eye masks put their single-use counterparts to shame. These come in a reusable aluminum storage case and are made from non-porous silicone with the intent of pairing with the eye products you already have for maximum absorption. With the mission of helping you “dieux-less,” Dieux has all your skincare needs covered.


    Saie Beauty

    Climate-neutral brand Saie Beauty has taken the industry by storm, with nearly all of its products going viral. Saie is making beauty products that are good for you and the environment that their C.L.E.A.N. (conscious, luxurious, earth-minded, award-winning, new) mission conveys. From the Slip-Tint to their Airset Powder, Saie has a roster of high-performing products that don’t disappoint. It’s no wonder these products are taking social media by storm, and you can trust that this is a brand worth the hype.