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    Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Steadfast Sustainability Commitment

    the unwash • sustainability

    Copenhagen Fashion Week’s (CPHFW) commitment to sustainability isn’t anything new. With the resurgence of in-person shows, we’re reminded that CPHFW is leading the way in pushing sustainability and ethical standards to the forefront of the industry. 

    CPHFW has made its sustainability commitment a non-negotiable for designers, a statement in which we hope other fashion weeks worldwide follow suit. Since implementing its firm sustainability framework in 2020, Copenhagen is setting the stage for creating much-needed change. 

    These are not just changes dedicated to fighting the climate crisis but rather the big picture with issues the fashion industry faces. The standards CPHFW has implemented include:

    •Ensuring ethical working conditions for employees.

    •50% of fabrics are recycled or made of other sustainable materials.

    •Meeting human rights standards.

    •Having a no-tolerance policy on discrimination.

    “Current action by fashion industry is being countered by its huge production volumes, and as a result, climate impact continues to increase.” – Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week  

    Implementing changes only dedicated to the fashion industry’s environmental impact would be neglecting part of the problem, and CPHFW is facing this head-on, proving to be successful in the process. 

    CPHFW, for the past few years, is always highly anticipated and has a stronghold on its global influence. Gen-Z flocks to Scandi fashion for influence, and this season was no different. A young audience is drawn to CPHFW not only for the style but for the greater ethos that commonly aligns with the values of many Gen-Zers. 

    Scoulland, Holzweiler, ROTATE, Saul Nash, and Ganni were some of our favorite shows with inclusion and sustainability at the helm. Copenhagen Fashion Week’s unwavering commitment to making progress in the fashion industry isn’t something to gloss over but to acknowledge how they’re changing the game for good. 


    Attire the Studio

    Founded by influencer Xenia Adonts to create a clothing brand that is truly transparent in all processes, it marks a stark contrast from the fast fashion driven influencer industry. Adonts is using her platform for good by creating a brand committed to making the fashion industry more sustainable. Attire uses zero plastic, values radical transparency, and ensures ethical workplace environments.



    Being environmentally conscious is a top priority for this gender-neutral clothing brand. Founders Bobby Bonaparte and Max Kingery sought to create a brand that isn’t adding to the environmental crisis that the fashion industry is only furthering. Fusing nature and fashion, this clothing brand is one to add to your closet.


    Back Beat Co.

    Back Beat Co. is a “people, planet and then profit” brand that gives a $$$$ about you and the planet. The brand focuses on ensuring its consumers are doing more than just shopping sustainably and has created a community through its clean-ups and donation drives. Back Beat Co. is doing more than just creating sustainable clothing but is ensuring that every step in the process supports conscious consumerism.