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    Young People Are the Ultimate Change Makers, Here’s Ways to Get Involved

    the unwash • social impact

    It’s no secret that Gen-Z has the power to completely change the political and social landscape in the United States and around the world. Young leaders are loud and proud about what they stand for and aren’t scared to be heard. From ensuring there would be empty seats at campaign events to shutting down anti-abortion tip lines in Texas, the narrative around the power young people have is changing. Whether it’s getting involved in their schools, local communities, or taking to social media, young people are a force to be reckoned with. Younger generations have the power, but how do we put that power to work?

    Get Involved in Your School or Local Communities

    Joining a club at your school or finding a group in your local community is a great starting point to get involved and find additional opportunities. Whether in high school or college, plenty of larger advocacy groups offer the chance to open chapters at schools across the United States. You can join in on protests and rallies and have plenty of volunteer opportunities through these networks. Making a change at the local level is one of the best ways to make a huge impact, and it’s on the local level where we need people to be dedicated to implementing change.

    Turn Your Voice into a Vote 

    Be prepared for turning the voting age. In the United States, you can submit your voter registration shortly before you turn eighteen, reminding yourself and your peers to register to vote and make it to the polls. If you’re worried about family pressure to vote a certain way or are nervous about sharing your desire to vote, reach out to resources within your community or voter mobilization organizations to find a way to exercise your right within your comfort zone. Get some friends together and carpool to the polls!

    “My intentions were to challenge people in there to go beyond sustainability and strive for climate justice.” – Xiye Bastida on attending the Met Gala with Creative Director of Chloe, Gabriela Hearst

    Use Your Dollar for Good 

    It’s great to vote, but what do we do for the rest of the time? Don’t be fooled – consumers are the biggest power players. We change the game when we redirect our dollars to companies or local businesses that we can genuinely feel good about supporting. The brands we choose to give to should reflect our ideals. Choose companies that support their employees, support their consumers and, of course, support the planet.

    Find Community 

    It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, especially in a community where your values are not reciprocated. Those people become your network and support system, no matter how big or small. By finding a community, you can go on to organize events, expand your network with advocacy, make support groups or even do something as simple as encouraging each other to stay persistent in your work towards making a difference.

    Look for Inspiration 

    So many young leaders are inspiring the world. Whether it be someone with a large platform, a friend, a family member, or a community leader, there are changemakers all around us. Diversify your feed and find inspiration to fuel your passion.

    Young people see the world in a much different way and can see the bigger picture. In the past, those who freshly reached voting age had the lowest turnout for elections. This is changing as more and more young voters are heading to the polls. Gen-Z wants practical solutions to problems they see in their daily life. All these tips are small year-round changes anyone can make to make a difference, big and small. The important part is that more and more people are willing to get involved – even the smallest choices can make a big impact.



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