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    How to Vote with Your Dollar

    the unwash • guide

    As consumers, we have the power to make systemic changes by taking our power back from large corporations. Money makes the world go round, and if we can use ours to influence the change we want to see, then why not? 

    Heading to the polls is only one piece of the puzzle regarding making a difference in our communities. It’s time to shop like you give a $$$$. 

    Here is our checklist for voting with your dollar.

    1. What would your mission statement be for your reason to shop consciously?

    When thinking of purchasing products, maybe you want to have the intention of only supporting small businesses and putting money into your local community, or perhaps you’re on the start of a journey to go low or zero waste. Think about your overall ethos for making these choices, what that really means, and the greater impact of your actions. 

    2. What are red flags you want to look out for?

    Not all companies are created equal. It’s important to make boundaries around what you aren’t and are okay with and do your research to see what companies, big or small align.

    3. What causes mean most to you?

    Is supporting brands that have ‘give back’ initiatives or openly supporting different social causes most important to you? Maybe you want to focus on companies that are transparent in their production process. Choosing what means the most to you and where you want to localize your contributions can help make a more significant impact. 

    4. Think big picture

    While focusing on your individual ethos is a start, take a moment to step outside yourself. Think of larger sentiments that your community, state, or country is in need of. Is there a way you can align yourself with the community’s needs and rally around local change?

    5. Time to put your money where you’re mouth is – what is in reach for you?

    Identify what steps are attainable for you. Can you come together with your community to make shopping experiences more accessible? Maybe cutting out a big box retailer is just not in the cards for you – what brands at that retailer are best to support? Whether you make big or small changes, the impact doesn’t go unnoticed, and sometimes, the smallest drops can make the biggest splash. 



    You’ve probably seen these neon green sheet masks all over Tik-Tok and Instagram, serving up your daily dose of alien chic. Founders Lisa Guerrera and Emmy Ketcham found a void in the beauty industry that needed to be filled. The ‘Avant Guard’ sheet masks come in two different sizes and help you lock in moisture, leaving your skin refreshed. Producing less than 93% of carbon emissions of a single-use facemask, Experiment is focused on a sustainable and science-driven beauty world.


    Back Beat Co.

    Back Beat Co. is a “people, planet and then profit” brand that gives a $$$$ about you and the planet. The brand focuses on ensuring its consumers are doing more than just shopping sustainably and has created a community through its clean-ups and donation drives. Inspired by a laid-back lifestyle, Back Beat Co. is a slow fashion brand for every day, yearlong wear.


    Conserving Beauty

    Conserving Beauty has created the first ever dissolvable makeup wipe – InstaMelt. There are times when cleansing balms and oils aren’t as functional as we’d like them to be, such as when traveling or going to the gym. Wipes are convenient and easy to pack away, except that wipes are typically made of 90% plastic and end up in a landfill. The founder of Conserving Beauty, Natassia Nicolao, is changing this for good.