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    Unwash Reviews

    Back Beat Co. Cali Inspired, Low Impact Fashion





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Isadora Alvarez has created much more than a low-impact clothing line, she’s created a community. Inspired by a laid back lifestyle, Back Beat Co., is a slow fashion brand aimed for everyday, yearlong wear.

    Back Beat Co, is a “people, planet and then profit” brand that gives a $$$$ about you and the planet. The brand is focusing on making sure their consumers are doing more than just shopping sustainably and has created a community through their clean ups and donation drives.

    “At Back beat co. social responsibility and sustainability are the principles that permeate every aspect of the production.”

    Alvarez advocates for living wages and ethical work environments for her team which is a massive issue in the clothing industry. Back Beat Co is doing more than just creating sustainable clothing but is ensuring that every step in the process supports conscious consumerism.

    Alvarez wanted to change the industry by creating design driven clothing but that has a longer life cycle than its fast fashion counterparts. Back Beat Co., is raising the standards in the fashion industry and is a brand worth supporting. 

    “At Back Beat Co., we don’t believe in perfection. We believe in giving a f*ck, being realistic about the expectations we set for ourselves.” – Back Beat Co.


    Dip Premium Haircare

    Get ready for a new staple in your bathroom. This zero waste hair care brand has created bars suited for every hair type and hair need. Dip is on a mission to convert big brand hair care lovers to a more sustainable cause that doesn’t skimp on quality.


    Saie Beauty

    The climate neutral brand, Saie Beauty has taken the industry by storm with nearly all of their products going viral. Saie is making beauty products that are good for you but also the environment which their C.L.E.A.N. (conscious, luxurious, earth-minded, award, winning, new) mission conveys.



    PLUS eliminates the overuse of unnecessary plastic with their dissolvable packet based body wash. Once you’re in the shower rip open the packet and it all can go safely down the drain and everything including the box the wash comes in is completely compostable.