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    Stay Organized with Cadence





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Keeping vitamins, hair products, skincare, and everything else taking up space on a vanity organized can be a fraught task. Most of us have cluttered drawers filled with empty containers we forget to throw away, lost products, and the items we need mixed in between. Hoping to aid people in ditching plastic travel bottles and plastic bags to keep things organized, Cadence offers magnetic refillable capsules. Whether used to keep your cabinets tidy or for travel, these capsules can store all your essentials in a carry-on-friendly size. The magnetic design ensures none of your products will go missing. Designed with longevity in mind to completely replace any single-use plastic used for storage or travel purposes, Cadence is meant to last for the long haul.

    “Cadence was created because I was tired of buying things that didn’t feel “worth it,” and didn’t align with my values.” – Steph Hon, Cadence Founder

    Steph Hon founded the brand with a mission of helping people purchase items more thoughtfully and have their products last longer. Cadence advocates for using less and being mindful of the number of products purchased. The travel capsules are meant to aid in the longevity of products with their water-tight and leak-proof design. Say goodbye to losing all of your products or forgetting something at home thanks to the hexagon magnetic system to keep your items in one place. The capsule system is buildable; you can start with one container or even six, then add more to your collection if needed, giving an aesthetically pleasing honeycomb look. 

    Through partnering with Envision Plastics, Cadence’s capsules are made of 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic and 30% from the brand’s excess manufacturing materials. These are meant to last a lifetime to eliminate the need for single-use plastics and combat the millions of plastic and silicone travel bottles washing up on beaches. The brand uses compostable and recyclable packaging and shipping materials and plantable seed paper. Put single-use plastics in the rearview mirror with a customizable Cadence collection tailored to your needs.


    Cabinet Health

    Cabinet Health is working to rid our medicine cabinets of single-use plastics with refillable medicine containers. This startup eliminates the need for plastic medicine bottles with their over-the-counter medication options in a sleek refillable glass and shatterproof container. Refills come in a compostable pouch, helping consumers ditch plastic waste for good. The brand has an array of OTC medication options, including allergy relief, cold and flu, digestive health, and pain relievers. Plastic-free options for medicine are close to none, and Cabinet wanted to change.



    Ries is a line of TSA-size approved refillable containers retailing at $18. The bottles are crafted from post-consumer recycled plastic and created with the purpose of consistent reuse. Graham saw the plastic problem in the beauty industry and wanted to innovate how we reuse plastics. Being a new brand, this is just the beginning for Ries. The brand continues to test different materials for use to be as conscious of its sustainability as possible. Ries puts value on the circularity of their product and hopes choices like using up-cycled materials will become more of a norm in the beauty industry.



    Biom offers 100% plant-based, biodegradable wipes with refillable packaging that provide functionality and smart design all in one. It doesn’t hurt that they’ll look great sitting on your counter. The all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing wipes were created with the planet and consumer in mind. The brand focuses on more streamlined, gentle ingredients that are safe on skin for their hand-sanitizing wipes.