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    Recreation Fueled CBD Brand, Joggy





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Founded by Outdoor Voices founder Ty Haney, Joggy is giving us a run for our money with its CBD products. Similar to her work with Outdoor Voices, Joggy is inspired by recreation and movement. Whether for daily activity or athletic recovery, their products use formulation to help you feel good inside and out. Envisioned with the feeling of getting a ‘runner’s high,’ the brand aims to help consumers chase that euphoric feeling. 

    The brand has a range of four different CBD products, a balm stick, two tinctures, and gummies. All of which are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. These products are remedies for stress, the need for extra focus, an energy boost, or achieving better sleep.

    “The brand has a healthy tension between the art and science, which has always been something I’ve liked to balance. This is a product where technical credibility really matters.” – Ty Haney, Joggy Founder

    Created with sustainability in mind, the brand utilizes aluminum and glass packaging to ensure recyclability. Their ‘Joy Stick’ CBD balm has a refillable aluminum case, and the brand uses alternative hemp packing for all products. Unfortunately, the tinctures do feature a plastic dropper that likely will not be able to be recycled, but we urge people to find ways to repurpose these pieces or find a facility that will recycle them. There is always hope brands will find solutions to their single-use plastic use. Joggy is transparent in its packaging materials and is committed to continuously finding solutions to be more planet-friendly.

    Founder Ty Haney is undeniably able to create a memorable brand, and this level of likeability and uniqueness comes through with her new venture. On a mission to help people achieve the buzz we get from a boost of endorphins, Joggy’s simple yet effective CBD line is giving us a sense of bliss. 



    Uni is a design-driven refillable system for body wash, haircare, hand wash, and body serum. Focused on providing a sleek and elevated product, Uni makes choosing more sustainable options a streamlined process. Uni values transparency and quality by providing an EWG rating for their ingredients that are all reef safe.



    Everist concentrates are a waterless product you lather in the shower and then use just like regular shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. They come in a sleek aluminum tube along with an aluminum turn key to ensure the most amount of product is used. Aluminum is the most accessible material to recycle, helping you feel confident when putting this product in your recycle bin after use. This product is heavily concentrated, so a little goes a long way – each bottle should last around three months with regular use.



    Fussy is on a mission to reduce the overflow of plastic items in our bathrooms and beyond. The UK-based brand is certified carbon neutral and is in the process of obtaining a B-Corp Certification. This popular deodorant is one that won’t leave you fussing. Each refill comes in a sugarcane-derived container, which is easy to throw in the compost once you need a new one. Refills are obtained easily through their subscription service on a four-week basis. Using only nine ingredients, all being planet-based, Fussy is focused on being a science-backed natural deodorant that is truly effective.