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    Wtf is Conscious Consumerism

    the unwash • social impact

    The Unwash revolves around the idea of conscious consumerism. The capitalist world isn’t going anywhere…yet. Instead of pushing against it, why not ride with it but disrupt the industry by making substantial changes in where we spend our money? No more big conglomerates or putting money into billionaires’ pockets. Consumers hold way more power than we realize, so let’s be conscious about it. 

    Conscious consumerism to us is making decisions based on what we value. These values are different for everyone. Some people are entirely zero waste; for others, that’s not accessible. Some people want their house stocked with Black or Indigenous-owned brands, while others may want to focus their support on women-owned companies. Making these choices is not a one size fits all modality. Being sustainable and ethical means something different to nearly everyone you’d ask. The decisions are all up to you, but it’s about being a little more thoughtful. The easiest way to think about it is – SHOP LIKE YOU GIVE A $$$$!

    “The more we can be intentional in our actions, the more progress we can make for ourselves and the issues that are important to all of us.” – Ilana Redstone

    One thing I know we’re tired of is choosing to purchase something from a brand you know is up to no good just for the sheer convenience of it. The ugly truth is that supporting industries and companies that are not supporting us as people is just too easy. We live in a world where we want something fast and in the simplest way possible, and this modality cuts corners in quality, sustainability, working conditions, and countless other factors. Being mindful of how we make our purchases slow down and hopefully wholly alters this cycle. 

    As individuals, and even better, when we come together with our communities, we can redirect where our dollars are flowing. When we choose to support brands that are good for us, the planet, and their employees, it completely changes the game. Conscious consumerism is a start in showing larger corporations what the people want but ultimately draws a hard line on what we won’t accept.



    Dieux has taken social media by storm as well by creating a reusable eye mask that may as well be a fashion statement. These eye masks put their single-use counterparts to shame. These come in a reusable aluminum storage case and are made from non-porous silicone with the intent of pairing with the eye products you already have for maximum absorption. With the mission of helping you “dieux-less,” Dieux has all your skincare needs covered.



    Plus eliminates the use of unnecessary plastic with their dissolvable packet-based body wash. Once you’re in the shower, rip open the packet, and it can all go safely down the drain. Everything, including the box the wash comes in, is entirely compostable. We love this product because whether you’re looking for something for everyday use, travel, or throwing in your gym bag, the brand innovates a product that we maybe didn’t realize needed a change. For daily use, you can purchase the refillable dispenser, and for on-the-go, the travel packs are perfect.


    Saie Beauty

    Climate-neutral brand Saie Beauty has taken the industry by storm, with nearly all of its products going viral. Saie is making beauty products that are good for you and the environment that their C.L.E.A.N. (conscious, luxurious, earth-minded, award-winning, new) mission conveys. From the Slip-Tint to their Airset Powder, Saie has a roster of high-performing products that don’t disappoint. It’s no wonder these products are taking social media by storm, and you can trust that this is a brand worth the hype.