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    How August is Changing the Way We Think About Period Products





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    The Gen-Z geared brand, August, took the internet by storm with their mission of destigmatizing periods. The brand’s panty liners, pads and tampons are completely biodegradable – making a stark change from traditional period products that take years to decompose. Founder, Nadya Okamoto credits August for being a lifestyle brand not just a period product company. The brand is focused on transparency, sustainability, affordability and destigmatization which has attracted a lot of their gen-z buyers.

    “Let’s be real, periods can be a hassle, but they’re powerful, and we should have a period community, culture, and product that reaffirms that.” Founder of August, Nadya Okamoto

    In an effort to help consumers sort through large amounts of green-washing in the industry, August provides a quarterly report on their sustainability practices and is transparent about their sourcing. Noting that many young consumers want to be aware of everything from the conception of a product to the disposal process of the products they are buying. 

    August offers a wide range of menstrual products all made from organic cotton and focused on functionality with designs that are far more comfortable for the user. On all subscription purchases, August now features a donation option where 1% of the purchase will be donated to the organization of the buyer’s choice. Periods are a much larger issue to tackle than just reconceptualizing a product – August is committed to helping those with periods feel more confident, comfortable and educated in their experience.

    Please note this is a review of the brand and not the individuals involved with the founding or day-to-day operations of August which would change our initial review on brand ethos and/or not be a brand on our roster.



    Everist is the ultimate hair care essential. With a focus on reducing waste in haircare – this is the perfect problem solver.

    Everist uses ingredients that naturally break down over time and do not pollute water systems. Their shipping cartons and mailers are recyclable or compostable, and they offer a buyback program for the cap of the product to be upcycled for future Everist products. 

    Everist gives you a traditional shampoo and conditioner feel without additional waste. These concentrates are revolutionizing a notably wasteful industry and are a force for positive change. 



    Uni makes purchasing refillable body care products as simple and streamlined as possible. This new brand focuses on having a closed-loop system and keeping its products as circular as possible. Uni is a design-driven refillable system for body wash, haircare, hand wash, and body serum. Focused on providing a sleek and elevated product, Uni makes choosing more sustainable options a streamlined process. Uni values transparency and quality by providing an EWG rating for their ingredients that are all reef safe.



    Freestyle is an up-and-coming diaper brand that wants to revolutionize personal care for children. When it comes to making more earth-focused purchases, we shouldn’t let these values fall to the wayside when supporting child-based brands. Made from a hyper absorbent planet-based BambooTek, these diapers provide up to 12 hours of leak protection and are almost 100% biodegradable. Freestyle is working to give parents peace of mind when choosing the best diapers.