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    The Skincare Brand Dieux-ing Good





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Skincare lovers can’t open TikTok or Instagram without seeing Dieux’s Forever Eye Masks splashed all over your feeds; from being used backstage at New York Fashion to being a favorite prep item for makeup artists, they’re everywhere and a go-to for The Unwash. Dieux’s skincare products are no exception to their popularity. The brand credits its vastly growing audience to Dieux’s authenticity. The founders keep it real with their consumers and have no interest in marketing gimmicks but are determined to sell high-quality products that pack a punch. Their concise yet impactful product line focuses on protecting the skin barrier and locking moisture in. The brand’s founders aimed to create products that truly do what they claim because they’re putting science at the forefront. Dieux is helping consumers buy less because their products are ‘dieux-ing’ more.

    “We’ve seen so many brands get away with making outrageous, unsubstantiated claims, and we want Dieux to be entirely different from any of that.” – Joyce de Lemos, Dieux-Co Founder

    Dieux’s core product line contains four products designed to deliver results. The Forever Eye Masks, Deliverance; a soothing serum, Instant Angel; your new go-to moisturizer and Auracle, a reviving eye gel – the latest addition to the brand’s roster. The Forever Eye Masks didn’t earn their variability solely because they’re the perfect selfie accessory but because they add extra hydration to the under eye, leaving you refreshed – so much so that they were used backstage at New York Fashion Week. Their Chief-of-Product is cosmetic chemist Joyce de Lemos, who has also worked with SkinCeuticals, among many other brands, so it’s no wonder their products are as good as they look.

    The brand and its founders have been refreshingly honest about their takes on sustainability and ‘clean beauty’ rather than limiting themselves to any category or relying on such categorization for marketing purposes. They focus on being up-front with their consumers and working outside the box – Dieux is truly an impact-driven brand. Dieux uses sustainable packaging when available and is dedicated to helping people cut down their skincare routine to avoid buying more unnecessary products but utilizing fewer products that make a larger impact. The Aurcale eye gel is refillable, while the Instant Angel moisturizer is packaged in an aluminum tube. The company is transparent across all channels on its sustainability journey and hopes to stop the spread of disinformation about sustainability, especially in the beauty industry. Proceeds from each product are donated to various non-profits such as the Floret Coalition. Dieux uses its platform to educate its consumers on sustainability, how to get the most out of its products, and in-depth analysis of the ingredients used in its products.


    Henry Rose

    Henry Rose has three main mission pillars: ingredients, environmental, and social responsibility. The brand’s fragrances are nearly 99% biodegradable, and all the bottles are made from 90% recycled glass. The caps are derived from compostable soy, and all of the outer packaging is recyclable. The fragrance line was founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, and committed to environmental responsibility and creating a quality, long-lasting product.



    Ries is a line of TSA-size approved refillable containers retailing at $18. The bottles are crafted from post-consumer recycled plastic and created with the purpose of consistent reuse. Graham saw the plastic problem in the beauty industry and wanted to innovate how we reuse plastics. Being a new brand, this is just the beginning for Ries. The brand continues to test different materials for use to be as conscious of its sustainability as possible.


    Fluff Casual Cosmetics

    This Australian-based brand is dedicated to making the beauty industry feel more empowering. The brand was founded on the principle that you shouldn’t feel less than when you aren’t wearing makeup. Fluff wanted to create a line that can be used for when you want a product that gives a natural finish to embrace your everyday beauty.