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    Underprotection is Making Sustainability Sexy





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Underprotection makes sustainability sexy with its environmentally conscious lingerie line. Based out of Copenhagen, the founders saw the need for a sustainable option for something we need every day – underwear. The brand came into the industry with hopes of sparking change as they were one of few sustainable options on the market. As the brand has grown they have stayed true to their commitment to being a sustainable, ethical, and high-quality choice for intimates. Underprotection is transparent about everything from material sourcing, and factory conditions to shipping materials – putting a large value on consumer trust. Underprotection has made sustainability look better than ever before.

    Founded in 2010, the brand has since moved into other clothing categories such as swim, lounge, basics, and maternity. When the brand launched over ten years ago, founder Stephan Rosenkilde felt that there were no sustainable options within the clothing industry, especially not for intimates. The brand focuses on ethical sourcing and production processes as well as ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. The main fabrics Underprotection uses are recycled wool, organic cotton, and recycled PET bottles for their swimwear collection.

    “The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, which is why it is so important to create sustainable fashion. Back in 2010, there was not really any sustainable – and at the same time fashionable – lingerie, which is why we founded Underprotection. We do what we can to change the industry.” – Stephan Rosenkilde, Underprotection CEO.

    The brand is a certified B Corporation and has launched take-back, repair, and upcycle programs to minimize waste production and extend the longevity of its items. Transparency is a clear focus for the brand as they share their sustainability goals, clarity on materials being used, and detailed information about their production process. Choosing high-quality materials is at the forefront of Underprotection as their clothes sit close to the skin, especially their undergarments. Not only does the brand want their clothing to be good for the environment but also a better choice than conventional competitors for their consumers.

    The brand’s expansion outside of lingerie allows for further sustainable clothing options for everyday wear. Currently, Underprotection only offers XS-XL and we hope they expand their size range in the future for greater inclusivity as everyone should be allotted to shop ethically regardless of size. Whether you’re looking for some new loungewear to hang out in or everyday intimates, Underprotection is a brand that is committed to being a sustainable switch that reflects consumers’ values. They realize sustainability isn’t just about materials and limiting waste but about the greater community impact which reflects our ‘People Before Products’ motto. Underprotection wants their customers to not only feel beautiful in their lingerie but know they made a purchase that they can feel good about.



    Klur, a skincare brand focused on optimal skin health is rooted in values of inclusivity and ethical product sourcing. The Los Angeles-based brand takes a scientific approach to formulating products that deliver long-lasting results while being inspired by nature. Klur’s motto is being an ‘eco-inclusive’ brand that they live up to through their low-impact practices. The brand’s skincare products give streamlined solutions for various skin needs that are inclusive for all.


    Eauso Vert

    Sourced with sustainable materials and committed to ingredient transparency, Eauso Vert is hoping to create a new standard in the luxury fragrance industry. Launched with six scents that range from fresh to woody and warm, there is a scent perfect for anyone. The founders reminisce on their memories with fragrance, whether childhood stories or travel, and wanted to create a fragrance line that helps the consumer tell a story.



    Completedworks uses reclaimed, recycled, and ethically sourced materials such as marble, glass, bio-resin, and silver. The brand proves you don’t have to compromise design and style for sustainable practices but rather that the two can work in harmony to create timeless, wearable pieces. Sustainability is at the core of the brand’s ethos and the brand is committed to ensuring there is little to no negative environmental impact resulting from its products or shipping process.