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    The Skincare Brand That Gives Back, Noto Botanics





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Noto Botanics is an inclusive skincare and beauty brand that is focused on making an impact, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community. The brand is multi-use for an array of skincare needs with its minimalist, streamlined product line. Their line includes moisturizers, serums, cleansers, and lip and cheek tints. Noto Botanics is just as much about its products as they are about its mission. The brand’s DNA is rooted in inclusivity, community, and giving back.

    Gloria Noto worked as a celebrity makeup artist with the hopes of eventually starting her own line. Her goal was to create a company that cultivated connections and celebrated everyone. Noto Botanics is more than a skincare and beauty brand but a company that stands for being unapologetically yourself. Gloria wanted to create space for fellow queer folks to feel heard and seen in the beauty industry. There was a lack of inclusivity and representation that Noto is working to fill. Noto gives back by regularly raising money for organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Project Q, and the ACLU, when you purchase a Noto product your money is actively giving back.

    “It is a political brand. I personally believe that every time you spend your dollar, you’re voting towards something or you’re supporting something, whether you realize it or not.” – Gloria Noto, NOTO Botanics Founder

    The brand uses primarily recyclable glass packaging with limited plastic usage which is 35% PCR. To continue their sustainability commitment, their flagship store in Los Angeles has a refill station for their products with hopes of expanding to locations. Their line is vegan, cruelty-free, and uses fair trade, ethically sourced pigments. They take a less is more approach with the belief that sustainability is also about finding products that fulfill multiple needs at once. Noto Botanics is genderless and made for all skin types. From the formulation to the packaging the brand steers in a neutral direction to appeal to everyone and all identities. 

    Noto is working to bring more inclusivity to the beauty industry with their mission of inclusivity. It’s important to find brands that you truly align with and feel empowered by. For Noto, their mission is more than a marketing opportunity or a pride month campaign but is a year-round, 24/7 commitment to creating equitable change and amplifying queer identities. The brand aligns itself with the ‘vote with your dollar’ mantra and believes that you’re supporting what you’re putting your money towards. Noto makes an impact in more than one way, their products go the extra mile and it’s a brand that walks the walk.



    Klur, a skincare brand focused on optimal skin health is rooted in values of inclusivity and ethical product sourcing. The Los Angeles-based brand takes a scientific approach to formulating products that deliver long-lasting results while being inspired by nature. Klur’s motto is being an ‘eco-inclusive’ brand that they live up to through their low-impact practices.



     Corpus appeals to consumers looking for high-quality, naturally formulated products while being climate conscious through responsible packaging and ethical manufacturing practices. The product line stands out from the crowd with its signature light green hue and sleek design. The aesthetically pleasing design will transport your bathroom or vanity to the likeness of a luxury boutique hotel.


    The Wilds

    Designed to simplify your skincare routine with quality products that deliver results, Canadian skincare brand, The Wilds embodies a less is more approach. The Wilds is a genderless skincare line that takes inspiration from nature and is suitable for various skin types.