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    Personal Care Brand Haeckels Pushes Their Sustainability Efforts Forward





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Skin and body care brand Haeckels has been around for the past decade and has been a pioneer for sustainable skincare in the UK. This past summer, the company went under a rebrand not only for its design but for ensuring its sustainability platform met new standards. The brand aims for complete transparency for its consumers to provide the best quality product while maintaining its ideals for sustainability and conservation. Offering free products to those that bring back used products that need to be disposed of and being part of 1% for the Planet, Haeckels is determined to help make environmental change while also delivering high-quality products.

    “For Haeckels, this new identity represents ten years of hard-working pioneering new materials, new science and new sustainability credentials.” – Charlie Vickery, Haeckels Managing Director

    With the brand’s recent rebrand, they have moved away from refillable packaging after extensive research to determine if consumers were truly utilizing the refillable containers. The new line Haeckels unveiled uses completely compostable material, Vivomer – no matter where it ends up. Innovative packaging is nothing new for the brand – in 2020, Haeckels won the Wallpaper Design Award for packaging made from mushrooms and plantable seeds.

    Skincare is only one part of the Haeckels ethos. The brand has a wide range of candles, fragrances, and hair care products. Initially launched in 2012 as a men’s skincare line, the brand diversified and found a large following outside its male products. The UK-based fan-favorite brand plans a more extensive international expansion due to high demand and interest in its products. With products for everyone and every need, Haeckels holds true to its values and continues to adapt to the needs of its consumers as they grow. The brand is steadfast in its position as a sustainable staple.



    Biom offers 100% plant-based, biodegradable wipes with refillable packaging that provide functionality and smart design all in one. It doesn’t hurt that they’ll look great sitting on your counter. The all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing wipes were created with the planet and consumer in mind. The brand focuses on more streamlined, gentle ingredients that are safe on skin for their hand-sanitizing wipes. 



    Freestyle is an up-and-coming diaper brand that wants to revolutionize personal care for children. When it comes to making more earth-focused purchases, we shouldn’t let these values fall to the wayside when supporting child-based brands. Made from a hyper absorbent planet-based BambooTek, these diapers provide up to 12 hours of leak protection and are almost 100% biodegradable. Freestyle is working to give parents peace of mind when choosing the best diapers.


    Guests on Earth

    Guests on Earth is a planet-minded home cleaning company helping reduce plastic waste traditionally used with cleaning products. Providing transparency from where ingredients are sourced to where your product is being packaged, this brand is working to help consumers be more aware of the lifecycle of their purchases. Seeing a gap in the industry and lack of innovation, Guests on Earth wanted to create a product that is something consumers can genuinely feel good about.