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    Nourish Your Oral Health with Davids Natural Toothpaste Formulas





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Written By Contributing Editor Liz Grogan

    Davids Toothpaste has performed thousands of hours of research to define the best natural and clean ingredients for removing plaque, whitening teeth, and freshening your breath. I feel clean and fresh after using the sensitive+whitening peppermint toothpaste, tongue scraper, and bamboo toothbrush, and the low-waste products serve as my morning reminder to make sustainable choices throughout the day. 

    While the FDA has not created a regulatory definition for “natural” and “clean” self-care products, Davids has established its own guidelines. Their description of “natural” means using only ingredients sourced and derived from nature, resulting in formulas free of artificial ingredients. For them, “clean” products do not contain proven or suspected toxic ingredients to you or the planet, and all their products undergo mindful creation and production (for example, all ingredients are ethically sourced and cruelty-free).

    “Legacy toothpaste brands commonly contain ingredients that many health-conscious consumers are actively looking to avoid. As I began diving deeper into studying the ingredients, it became a full-blown obsession to personally formulate the highest quality natural toothpaste available. Instead of using a long list of artificial/synthetic ingredients, Davids uses ingredients that are naturally sourced and naturally derived.” – Eric Buss, Davids Toothpaste Founder

    Davids Toothpaste chose its metal tube packaging for its ability to be easily and effectively recycled when you follow the brand’s step-by-step instructions. David’s will not take back the tubes, so It’s up to you to make sure your local waste management providers will adequately sort and recycle them. Luckily, aluminum can be endlessly recycled with far less energy required, and aluminum recycling programs are often much more successful than plastic recycling. Unlike plastic, bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable and compostable and will decompose when disposed of correctly.

    Each tube includes a roller key to help squeeze all your toothpaste out until the very end. The metal tube keys are recyclable or can be repurposed with other products. David’s gives you the option to return 20 tube keys at a time for proper recycling and will send you a free toothpaste tube in return. Since I prefer reusing over recycling, I asked them to ship future orders without the tube keys and caps, an option outlined in their faq page, so that I could repurpose the original ones for future orders. 

    Beyond promoting natural and clean self-care, the brand highlights mindfulness, mental health, and minimalism as part of its “progress over perfection” mindset. The brand spotlights how holistic oral care can not only improve the planet, but can also support gut health and mental well-being. Davids believes the mouth acts as a window to overall health and that when we take the time to nourish our oral health, we can unexpectantly nurture our mental health as well.


    The Dirt Company

    The Dirt Company is on a mission to clean up the planet while cleaning your clothes. With their Refill, Return System, customers replace bulky plastic jugs with sleek, durable glass dispenser bottles. The bottles come pre-filled with their top-rated, highly concentrated, plant-based laundry detergent. Their biodegradable concentrates deliver more loads per bottle and contain better-quality natural ingredients, such as high-performing enzymes.


    Rif Care

    Their 100% plant-based and biodegradable menstrual pads are carbon neutral by design. The brand uses leftover fibers from hemp oil production to create its premium product line. Regenerative hemp farming uses less water than cotton, grows without pesticides, and reverses the effects of climate change by capturing, securing, and storing CO2 in the ground to improve air and soil quality.



    Biom offers 100% plant-based, biodegradable wipes with refillable packaging that provide functionality and smart design all in one. It doesn’t hurt that they’ll look great sitting on your counter. The all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing wipes were created with the planet and consumer in mind. The brand focuses on more streamlined, gentle ingredients that are safe on skin for their hand-sanitizing wipes.