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    Luxury Body Care Line, Corpus





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Corpus was founded in 2019 to create products derived from primarily natural ingredients without compromising on effectiveness. Founder J.P. Mastey is no stranger to building a successful brand with over fifteen years experience in the skincare industry, particularly as owner and president of Baxter of California – a cult favorite men’s care line. Mastey felt that something needed to be added to the market and could not find products that fit the standards he wanted. Corpus appeals to consumers looking for high-quality, naturally formulated products while being climate conscious through responsible packaging and ethical manufacturing practices. Corpus launched with their fan-favorite deodorant stick and has now expanded into deodorant spray, body wash, and candles. 

    The product line stands out from the crowd with its signature light green hue and sleek design. The aesthetically pleasing design will transport your bathroom or vanity to the likeness of a luxury boutique hotel. Their products come in an assortment of different scents and are formulated similarly to perfumes with long-lasting fragrance payoff. The deodorant stick comes in seven scents, while the body wash and candles come in three. Can’t decide on which fragrance would be best for you? The deodorant stick is also sold in a mini three or seven-piece set perfect for testing the product.

    “We didn’t want to compromise. In this day and age, natural doesn’t have to come with compromise.” – J.P. Mastey, Corpus Founder

    Mastey went into the creation of Corpus knowing there were quite a few deodorants on the market that also relied on more natural ingredients. Still, he knew he could do it better and create a product at a higher standard that delivered results, a philosophy trickling into the brand’s other products. 

    Corpus only uses plastic packaging for its deodorant stick, while the deodorant spray and body wash use completely recyclable aluminum packaging. The manufacturing facilities the brand operates out of use solar and hydroelectric power. The brand values transparency and is forthcoming about its manufacturing processes and ingredient sourcing, which is readily available on its website and social media outlets. Every aspect of Corpus products is manufactured in the United States to have easier transparency, traceability, and fewer emissions from international travel. This also allows for the brand to have a more significant impact in their manufacturing cities. Corpus has set out to create exceptional products, with every step having the planet and people in mind, from manufacturing to distributing goods.


    Henry Rose

    The fragrance line was founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, and committed to environmental responsibility and creating a quality, long-lasting product. Fragrance has been a hotly debated topic as of late due to concerns over the lack of ingredient disclosure, but Henry Rose is aiming to set the record straight and be a trustworthy brand for consumers with their loyalty to transparency.



    Their concise yet impactful product line focuses on protecting the skin barrier and locking moisture in. The brand’s founders aimed to create products that truly do what they claim because they’re putting science at the forefront. Dieux is helping consumers buy less because their products are ‘dieux-ing’ more. Dieux is truly an impact-driven brand and is dedicated to helping people cut down their skincare routine to avoid buying more unnecessary products but utilizing fewer products that make a larger impact.



    Everist concentrates are a waterless product you lather in the shower and then use just like regular shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. They come in a sleek aluminum tube along with an aluminum turn key to ensure the most amount of product is used. Aluminum is the most accessible material to recycle, helping you feel confident when putting this product in your recycle bin after use.