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    The Only Holiday Gift Guide You Need

    the unwash: guide

    Ah, it’s that time of year again when gift-giving is upon us. This is maybe one of the hardest times of the year to continue the plight of choosing sustainable living. It’s the season of one and done. Gift wrap, ribbon, and tape will find their way to the trash. Gifts that might not be used and the endless packaging that comes with them. When combating waste around gift giving you should choose from three categories, keeping gifts practical, taking a less is more approach, or opting for experiences all of which are keys to a more sustainable holiday season. One of the biggest goals that should be in mind is ensuring that the gifts you give will be used and won’t end up in the trash or sitting in the back of a closet for the year. Explore zero or minimal-waste brands, thrifted finds, or experiences to share with a friend this holiday season.

    For the personal care lover:

    Corpus Body Creme in the scent ‘Green’

    Somehow it’s only recently that we came across ‘Green’ by Corpus. Wow. That’s all we have to say. We’ve smelled the Rose and Santal scents by Corpus but for some reason never their signature Green fragrance. Truly, it’s indescribable. It’s fresh, clean, and has the right amount of citrus but is truly incomparable to anything else. The body creme is perfectly luxurious and hydrating, great for the person in your life who loves a luxury body care moment. Body lotions can seem like a bit of a throwaway gift but this right here is what you want to get. One thing that stood out to me when smelling this is that it’s very mysterious and almost indescribable. 

    Everyday Oil

    If there is a product that can do it all this is it. This oil blend is the ideal consistency, not too thin, and amazingly hydrating. You can use this product for just about everything, freshening up your hair, an all-over body or face oil, and even a cleansing oil. This might take the cake for a top sustainable product because of its multi-use capabilities making it a go-to pick for a minimalist routine. Aside from being a sustainable product, the scent is reminiscent of a spa day leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

    For the most fashionable people in your life: 

    Completedworks Pearl Earrings 

    Bows are all the rage right now but these bow-inspired earrings will stand the test of time not just be a trend. Completedworks is a fan favorite at The Unwash. A theme on this list is brands that embody sustainability, transparency, and ethical consumption which is a large part of our draw towards Completedworks. Anna Jewsbury is such a master of her craft which is emulated in every piece she creates. These earrings could be dressed up for a special occasion or be a statement piece for an everyday look. All of Completedworks products are made of recycled metal, the Loop-the-Loop earrings are made of recycled gold vermeil. 

    Attire the Studio Wool Trench Coat 

    You really can’t go wrong with a good coat. But ditch the fast fashion…obviously. We appreciate Attire’s commitment to transparency while committing to high-end staples that are built to last, unlike something you’d buy at Revolve or Zara. Their Wool Trench Coat is a great gift because it has a cool, more unique tailoring than what you typically see. In the winter your coat does most of the talking and a good coat is the perfect statement piece. This coat is great for every occasion and will keep you warm whether it’s in the fall or a freezing winter evening. If you’re going to buy a new piece of clothing rather than second-hand, brands like Attire are the best option to ensure your money supports safe work environments, sustainability, and quality pieces. 

    Vestiaire Collective Gift Card

    This is where the practical comes in. If you want to shop not only sustainable but also price-conscious, go secondhand. Whether you’ve taken the plunge or not to get into secondhand shopping this is a great way to start or even give a friendly nudge to someone else. Why spend full price on a new pair of shoes or bag when you can get the exact same ones just lightly worn or even new with tags, the options are seemingly endless. Vestiaire Collective is our personal favorite for online second-hand and vintage shopping but you can also opt for a local vintage store to support a small business. Plus, we love that Vestiaire Collective has banned the sale of fast fashion brands on their platform.

    Hosts, parents, or even a work colleague:

    Wilde House Paper Cultivate Conversations Card Deck

    Wild House Paper is a great brand that makes sustainable stationary items. But, their piece de resistance is their Cultivating Conversation card game. A conversation-based card game that’s sustainable? Count us in! These cards can be used with others or yourself to reflect and get curious. The primary topics are present, future, soul, self, inspiration, and emotions. This is a great time to connect with others or connect inward during hectic times.

    Henry Rose Candle in Torn

    A lot of Henry Rose scents are not the safest for a blind buy as many of them are unique and unexpected. Torn is one of their best-selling fragrances and it’s worthy of that. The scent is warm, vanilla-based, and has a bit of spice. This fragrance will warm up any house and would be loved by the person in your life who loves to host, parents, or even someone that you aren’t sure what you should get them. Candles can be a bit of a generic gift but Henry Rose scents are fantastic, plus this is a wonderful way to introduce someone to the brand. We apologize in advance if this turns them into a Henry Rose devotee, it definitely happened to us. 

    The person who loves a clean and tidy space: 

    Dedcool Detergent

    Getting someone household goods or cleaning supplies could seem like a pretty weird holiday gift but bear with us. Similar to the Henry Rose candle, Dedcool’s detergent is an awesome gift for someone who is already a fan of the brand and wants to match their fragrance to their laundry or an opportunity to show it off to someone new. This doesn’t look like typical detergent in its sleek aluminum container, you could always add in a fragrance, room spray, or their new pet shampoo to create an entire gifting experience. Our go-to scent for the detergent is ‘Taunt’ but you can’t go wrong with any of the options. 

    Biom Refillable Wipes

    Another sleek yet practical gift. Biom’s wipes come in a gorgeous refillable container that deserves a spot on the counter. Plus, they are compostable and biodegradable. No more plastic containers or throwing all your cleaning supplies under the sink. Once again, this could seem like a silly gift but we all have that person that loves a clean house and would be thrilled to upgrade their cleaning game. These come in a variety of purposes including hand sanitizing and all-purpose. Whether you want something fresh, citrusy, or woodsy, they have a scent for you but their recent collaboration with Corpus could be a great gift before it sells out.

    Makeup gurus: 

    Noto Botanics x Curran Defy Highlighter

    All of the makeup products from Noto Botanics really embrace the ‘your skin but better’ motto. The brand is committed to inclusion, especially for the LGBTQIA+ community, and gives a portion of its proceeds back to various non-profits in the community. Recently they partnered with Curran, a space for queer and trans creativity founded by Tommy Dorfman. The collaboration is a beautiful duo-chrome highlighter that transitions from a pearlescence glow to a purple shimmer. 

    Saie Beauty Glossy Bounce

    A tried and true. Gloss is everything right now. It’s on the lids, and the lips, the glossy look is here to stay for a while. It’s very reminiscent of when the Bath & Body Works lip balms were all the rage in the early 2000s. Glossy Bounce is a gloss lip oil hybrid that delivers long-lasting hydration and pigmented color payoff. This product gives a natural-looking shine and plumpness but without the stickiness that can come with a traditional gloss. To tie in with the holiday vibe we would reach for the shades Dream, a soft berry, and Push, a soft brown. You’ll be ready for a kiss under the mistletoe. 

    Half Magic Compostable Eye Shadow

    Half Magic has been on our radar for a while now but their eyeshadow singles in compostable packaging is beyond awesome. Don’t quote us on this, but this could be one of the first times true compostable packaging was used in makeup. Half Magic is the brainchild of Euphoria makeup artist Donni Davy, her line gives high pigment in bright colors and lots of sparkle. The brand’s eyeshadow singles are sold singularly in completely compostable packaging. You can either choose to stick with buying singles which are great for on-the-go or if you don’t need a ton of shades or you can opt for their forever palette which allows you to build your own shade range.

    For your kids, nieces and nephews, or any kiddos:

    Shore Buddies

    This brand has been making adorable stuffed animals made from recycled ocean plastics since 2014. Their lineup features primarily ocean animals that are the most impacted by the plastic crisis such as turtles and whales. Their ‘Sammy the Seal’ stuffed animal stole our hearts with how cute it is. We love that Shore Buddies teaches children about the importance of environmental preservation from a young age. 

    Ecobirdy Art Corner Set

    Want to splurge on sustainable furniture? Then EcoBirdy is for you. The brand’s kids line is made from trashed children’s toys and turned into furniture that’s built to last. Their kids sets include a children-sized table and chairs coming in various color options including pink, blue, white, and yellow. The art corner set is a mix of their colorways and a perfect art station for your kiddos. They also make high-end furniture pieces for anywhere in your home. 

    Francis River Clothing

    Australian brand, Francis River is crafting adorable kids’ clothing with transparency at the helm. All of their pieces are created using deadstock fabric to help combat overproduction in the fashion industry. The brand partnered with TTK Collective to ensure an ethical manufacturing process including guaranteed livable wages and safe working environments Their current line features basics such as tops and sweatshirts made to fit oversized for growing kids in sizes ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

    Fair and Green Toys

    Finding sustainable toys that don’t fall into the dreaded beige aesthetic can be a little difficult. Fair and Green puts a sustainable spin on classic children’s toys such as stacking games, rattles, and cars. All of their products are crafted from sustainably sourced wood and natural, locally sourced dyes. Fair and Green is committed to keeping the art of toy making alive and takes deep pride in their quality craftsmanship. The brand gives back to their local community and is Fair Trade certified. 


    Noto Botanics

    Noto Botanics is an inclusive skincare and beauty brand that is focused on making an impact, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community. The brand is multi-use for an array of skincare needs with its minimalist, streamlined product line. Their line includes moisturizers, serums, cleansers, and lip and cheek tints. Noto Botanics is just as much about its products as they are about its mission. The brand’s DNA is rooted in inclusivity, community, and giving back.


    Organic Basics

    Organic Basics was focused on organic boxer briefs but due to their success and a market need, they’ve since expanded into a wide range of basics for everyone. From the start the brand is in the business of providing an honest, sustainable, and ethical product, putting their values at the forefront. The brand is B Corporation certified and carbon neutral certified from One Carbon World, along with various other certifications including earning PETA’s stamp of approval. Sustainability means something different to everyone which rings true for Organic Basics as they work to be values-driven across a wide spectrum. 


    Wilde House Paper

    Wilde House Paper creates stationary with the mission of cultivating connection. When it comes to buying things for our everyday life, such as the notepad we write our grocery list on or the yearly planner we buy, there’s typically not much thought that goes into it. Wilde House Paper changes this by not only putting clear intention into all of their products but also offering a sustainable option in a space with more limited sustainable choices.