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    Sustainable Stationary That’s Cultivating Connection





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    When it comes to sustainable swaps it can be easy to first focus on the bigger items. Beauty, clothing, personal care. But what about the things that we don’t realize need a more sustainable upgrade? Or the items we use every day and might not even think about the environmental impact of. Wilde House Paper creates stationary with the mission of cultivating connection. We first came across the brand through their popular Cultivating Conversations card deck which offers a series of questions to play with others or reflect inward on topics of self-discovery, emotions, and goals. When it comes to buying things for our everyday life, such as the notepad we write our grocery list on or the yearly planner we buy, there’s typically not much thought that goes into it. Wilde House Paper changes this by not only putting clear intention into all of their products but also offering a sustainable option in a space with more limited sustainable choices.

    The brand has a diverse product range including calendars, planners, to-do list pads, and guided journals. They also have more niche products such as their balance bingo and self-reflection pad which aim to help us find balance in our hectic lives. Wilde House Paper takes a more focused approach to items that people are already reaching for and adds a nuanced touch that keeps consumers coming back for more. It’s not just about buying a journal or getting a cute card game to play with friends, these are products made with the intent of fostering connection and reflection for the user. Outside of their more traditional stationary line, the brand sells contemporary-esque-style framed art prints that go along with the brand’s grounded feel.

    “I find sustainability the most impactful when you are able to personally relate it to your daily consumption and everyday decisions. Being a company that primarily uses paper as our medium, our sustainable efforts are easy to envision as everyone is surrounded by what paper is made from: trees.” – Megan Heddinger, Wilde House Paper Founder

    All of their products are made from recycled paper sourced from various paper mills across the United States and upcycled cotton fibers gathered from fashion industry waste. All of the prints are done in California with printing facilities that are focused on greater sustainability efforts. Being a California-based brand they first hand see the impact the climate crisis is having on coastal communities and want their products to be part of a solution. Wilde House Paper is a member of One Tree Planted and ensures that one tree is planted in its home state for every order received. They’re almost 100% plastic-free and opt for packing options such as dissolvable packing peanuts, recycled tissue paper, and paper tape to create an easier recycling process for consumers.

    Wilde House Paper is a great option for sustainable stationery that can be utilized every day and shared with our friends or community. These products are also an easy way to introduce a friend to more sustainable brands and show a different side of what being environmentally conscious means. We love how stationery allows for moments of reprieve away from our screens that we’re constantly glued to, opening us up for the ability to further connect with what is going on outside us and with the environment. Wilde House Paper is all about leading with intention and carried out through every aspect of the brand. The paper industry definitely isn’t a sustainability leader but Wilde House Paper and those that follow suit are bringing greater options for consumers to be able to enjoy paper goods in a way we can feel good about.


    Organic Basics

    Copenhagen-based brand, Organic Basics hit the scene in 2015 to make sustainable and affordable everyday basics. The founders, a group of friends, were frustrated with the limited options for quality underwear. Originally Organic Basics was focused on organic boxer briefs but due to their success and a market need, they’ve since expanded into a wide range of basics for everyone. From the start the brand is in the business of providing an honest, sustainable, and ethical product, putting their values at the forefront.


    Everyday Oil

    Everyday Oil is exactly as it sounds, an oil for every day, for every use. Formulated for a variety of uses to embrace a minimalist self-care routine, Everyday Oil is a unique powerhouse product. The oil blend is certified-organic, cold-pressed, containing distilled botanicals. The simple yet effective, high-quality product works as a multi-faceted hydrator for all of your skin, body, and hair needs. The brand’s core embraces simplicity and quality, making an easy-to-use, no-fuss oil.


    The Dirt Company

    The Dirt Company is on a mission to clean up the planet while cleaning your clothes. This small Australian team began working in 2013 to create a zero-waste laundry system using recycled and refillable products. With their Refill, Return System, customers replace bulky plastic jugs with sleek, durable glass dispenser bottles. The bottles come pre-filled with their top-rated, highly concentrated, plant-based laundry detergent. Their biodegradable concentrates deliver more loads per bottle and contain better-quality natural ingredients, such as high-performing enzymes.