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    Recreation Brand Halfdays Wants to Get You Outdoors





    Brand Ethos




    the unwash review

    Outerwear brands have often been at the forefront of pushing for more sustainable practices in the industry for years. Brands that have a goal to get people outdoors see the impact of the climate crisis firsthand and feel the pull to make a difference. When it comes to outerwear there isn’t much variation as function is the top priority. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado-based outerwear brand Halfdays came on the scene putting form at the forefront while keeping the functional integrity needed for outdoor activities. The brand offers chic, multi-use apparel that was missing from the male-dominated industry.

    How their apparel looks was only a small piece of the puzzle for founders Ariana Ferwerda and Kiley McKinnon but rather were looking to create ski gear that fit more feminine bodies. The brand was originally focused on ski gear with the two friends-turned-founders being avid skiers with similar frustrations about clothing options. Kiley McKinnon competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics in sponsor-provided gear, made only for men. This was a stark realization that things had to change for recreational skiers to professionals alike. The brand offers innovative styles including jackets, ski pants, base layers, and cold-weather accessories that come in a variety of colorways. All of their sizing goes up to 3XL, ensuring that sizing is not a limitation for people who want to get outdoors. The brand has expanded into clothing for warmer outdoor activities such as hiking with leggings, sports bras, and cargo pants. Halfdays is committed to more than just providing fun outdoor wear styles but also cultivates community through ski classes, hiking groups, rock climbing excursions, and beach clean-ups.

    “Minimizing our impact on the environment is so important to us, especially as an outdoor brand. At every step of our production process, we seek out sustainable, recycled, and humane materials.” – Kiley McKinnon, Halfdays Co-Founder

    The brand has grown massively in popularity over the past couple of years and the founders have been open about the challenges of keeping a slow fashion business true to its core amid the demand. Halfdays uses primarily recycled materials and partners with Bluesign for certification of their materials. The brand tries to stay true to its small-batch roots by focusing on quality over quantity including limiting collections. In terms of transparency on their sustainability practices, the brand is lacking but it’s not lost on us that this is a good middle-ground option for those needing to buy new, size-friendly gear. Halfdays is reminiscent of the growth of Girlfriend Collective and Reformation but doesn’t lead with facts and figures in the same way, something that would only further their growth if they were to implement. As the brand continues to gain a substantial audience, we can only hope it expands its reporting and transparency methods regarding its manufacturing practices, allowing for better accountability and accessibility from consumers. We reached out to Halfdays and they confirmed that their sustainability initiatives are a work in progress they are planning on committing more effort.

    A lot of materials used in outerwear apparel aren’t outdoor-friendly. Though many brands in the industry have paved the way for sustainable practices others fall to the wayside with the use of wasteful fabrics. Reaching for recycled options when purchasing new clothing is a great way to cut down on unnecessary waste. Halfdays not only focus on making sustainable outdoor clothing more accessible for all but also hones on an aesthetic to appeal to a larger audience. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors for the first time or are a seasoned professional, Halfdays brings everyone together to get outside more often.


    Everyday Oil

    Everyday Oil is exactly as it sounds, an oil for every day, for every use. Formulated for a variety of uses to embrace a minimalist self-care routine, Everyday Oil is a unique powerhouse product. The oil blend is certified-organic, cold-pressed, containing distilled botanicals. The simple yet effective, high-quality product works as a multi-faceted hydrator for all of your skin, body, and hair needs. The brand’s core embraces simplicity and quality, making an easy-to-use, no-fuss oil.



    Underprotection makes sustainability sexy with its environmentally conscious lingerie line. The brand came into the industry with hopes of sparking change as they were one of few sustainable options on the market. Underprotection is transparent about everything from material sourcing, and factory conditions to shipping materials – putting a large value on consumer trust. Underprotection has made sustainability look better than ever before.


    Davids Toothpaste

    Davids Toothpaste has performed thousands of hours of research to define the best natural and clean ingredients for removing plaque, whitening teeth, and freshening your breath. I feel clean and fresh after using the sensitive+whitening peppermint toothpaste, tongue scraper, and bamboo toothbrush, and the low-waste products serve as my morning reminder to make sustainable choices throughout the day.