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    Personal Care Picks Under $20

    the unwash guide

    A common misconception is that purchasing ethical or earth-friendly products has a heftier price tag. While this can sometimes be an especially true disparity, plenty of personal care products fit into a price range for everyone. Mindful consumerism can come at a higher cost because there is a more significant effort to cut down on carbon emissions, ensure employees are paid a living wage, and the cost of materials can be more, along with many other factors. Your dollar is going far when choosing to purchase brands that align with your values, but there are ways to be a conscious consumer without breaking the bank. Here are our favorite personal care picks under $20.

    Plus Body Wash 

    These zero-waste body wash packets are perfect for everyday or on-the-go use. The body wash sheets and wrapping are completely dissolvable, and the box packaging can be recycled. Also coming in at under $20 is the refillable dispenser and refill pack.

    Hey Humans Deodorant 

    Founded by Jada Pickett-Smith to create a 99% plastic-free personal care brand. This deodorant is both zero waste and effective. The brand offers much more than just deodorant, all at an affordable price with little plastic involved. Hey Humans is reimagining personal care products and making them accessible for all.

    Haeckels Exfoliating Seaweed Block

    Haeckels is a UK fan favorite and has expanded into international markets. Recently, the brand rebranded to focus on more compostable and biodegradable packaging and products. This product is packaged in recyclable paper; the exfoliating block will leave your skin feeling refreshed.

    Ries Essential Travel Bottle

    Ries is solving all of our travel woes. This TSA-approved refillable bottle is changing the way we pack for travel. Designed with reusability in mind, Ries is aiming to help consumers reuse their current products instead of buying with the intent of one time use to cut down on plastic waste. Designed from post-consumer plastic and coming in two different sizes, Ries is ready for you to pack your bags for your next vacation.

    Dip Mini Color Safe Shampoo and Conditioner 

    Zero waste hair care brand, Dip makes shampoo and conditioner bars safe for all hair types. Focused on creating zero-waste hair care products that don’t skimp on quality, the brand offers a wide range of scents, products for different hair concerns, and travel tins.



    Everist gives you a traditional shampoo and conditioner feel without additional waste. These concentrates are revolutionizing a notably wasteful industry and are a force for positive change. Everist’s waterless hair and body concentrates are aimed at solving this problem, and it’s the ultimate essential.


    Guests on Earth

    Guests on Earth is a planet-minded home cleaning company helping reduce plastic waste traditionally used with cleaning products. Providing transparency from where ingredients are sourced to where your product is being packaged, this brand is working to help consumers be more aware of the lifecycle of their purchases.



    Uni makes purchasing refillable body care products as simple and streamlined as possible. This new brand focuses on having a closed-loop system and keeping its products as circular as possible. Uni is a design-driven refillable system for body wash, haircare, hand wash, and body serum. Focused on providing a sleek and elevated product, Uni makes choosing more sustainable options a streamlined process.