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    How Dove Cameron is Using Her Platform to Demand Change

    the unwash impact

    The music industry is no stranger to artists taking strong political stances and using their art to express their values. Dove Cameron is proving to be a refreshing voice and is using her platform to inspire other young people to speak up. Wanting to send a clear message and make a loud political stance, the singer is being loud about a topic many shy away from.

    Turning her feelings of disempowerment into a powerful message about female autonomy, her new song, ‘Breakfast’ is an ode to the impact traditional gender roles have on young women. Standing firm in her convictions, at the VMA Pre-Show in August, Dove and her dancers used the performance for another opportunity to make noise about political issues by wearing shirts adorned with the phrase “Your Voice is Your Power. Vote”. With the 2022 Midterms around the corner, the singer is firing up Gen-Z to turn their outrage into action by heading to the polls. 

    “I wanted to show people how ludicrous these situations are, and how damaging, limiting, trapping and diminishing it feels to be a woman every day.” – Dove Cameron

    Coming into who she is as a person, the singer is using her art form to come into her own. Coming out as queer in 2020 and releasing her song ‘Boyfriend’, it became clear that her music was going to be used to send a bigger message which did not disappoint with ‘Breakfast’. The ‘Breakfast’ music video directly responds to the overturning of Roe v. Wade and challenges what life would be like if the roles were reversed for men and women. Hoping to elicit some level of discomfort for the viewer because that is what this situation is – uncomfortable. Hoping to dismantle gender norms and the submissive nature women often find themselves in – the singer aims to call attention to the need for personal autonomy and the rights we’re entitled to.

    More Gen-Z youth are turning the voting age, and having role models like Dove Cameron, whom many grew up with on Disney Channel, will be important for voter mobilization. The same goes for when nineteen-year-old Olivia Rodrigo took the stage at Glastonbury with Lily Allen to give a big ‘Fuck You’ to the conservative Supreme Court Justices. Right now, we need leaders to encourage their audiences to vote, give to abortion funds and use their voice for good which is exactly what Dove Cameron is working to do.



    Apo.Ge is a plastic-free, unisex skincare brand that utilizes ethically sourced manuka honey and hemp as its highlight ingredients. The brand only uses packaging that can be repurposed or disposed of properly, such as aluminum, paper, and glass. 70% of plastics used in the beauty industry end up in landfills, and this brand is committed to being part of the solution and proving how possible it is to make an easy change. 


    Suss Knits

    Suss Knits (pronounced sOOs) is committed to slow and small batch fashion and keeping their manufacturing process as low waste as possible. Intending to create a knitwear line focused on sustainability, ethical production practices, and inclusivity, Suss is creating knits to be enjoyed by everyone. Inspired by their Swedish heritage, 80’s grunge, and inspiring individuality, the brand capitalizes on knit as an art form.


    Guests on Earth

    Guests on Earth is a planet-minded home cleaning company helping reduce plastic waste traditionally used with cleaning products. Providing transparency from where ingredients are sourced to where your product is being packaged, this brand is working to help consumers be more aware of the lifecycle of their purchases. Seeing a gap in the industry and lack of innovation, Guests on Earth wanted to create a product that is something consumers can genuinely feel good about.